My Virgin Media

My Virgin Media is packed with loads of handy features to help you take control of your Virgin Media life. Sign in today and see the benefits for yourself. Update your personal details, view recent bills, make payments and so much more – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Track your usage for all your services, including fixed and mobile
  • Update your personal details and tell us how you prefer to hear of our latest customer exclusive offerings.
  • Use My Virgin Media to let us know if you’re moving home and we’ll make the move as simple as possible.
  • Update your login details such as username and password
  • Sign up to Wi-Free and set your password
  • Make payments, register for Direct Debit, view your bills and sign up for eBilling
  • Buy premium channels and register for our Virgin TV apps
  • Cancel your SIM if your phone is lost or stolen

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Step by step guide of how to register for My Virgin Media

Registering for My Virgin Media’s simple, and gives you access to the best of our current (and future) services. To get started, go to the registration page or select "Register" from the My Virgin Media menu at the top of the web site.

When at that page, enter your username, which is the email address you used when subscribing to one of our services.  

Tick “I am not a robot”, and complete the Captcha test to prove you’re made of flesh and bone. Then click “Next”.

At this point, you’ll be asked create a password.


Your password must contain the following:

1.      Minimum 8 characters

2.      Must contain at least one lower case character

3.      Must contain at least one upper case character

4.      Must contain at least one digit

5.      Must not contain spaces


After you’ve created a password, click “Next”.


Tip: To make it easier to see what you are typing in you can click on the ‘eye’ icon in the password text field and it will show the text.

Next, we’ll ask you to choose a screen name. This will be the name we display on the screen once you are registered. Feel free to have a little fun.

When you settle on a screen name, click “Register”. We’ll send an email to the address you provided during the registration process so we can prove you’re you.

When you get the email, make sure you click on the link inside to verify your identity and complete the registration process.

This link will take you back to the website, so you can add your account number and surname.

If you have an account number you’d like to register, this is a chance to do it! This can be the number for any of the services you’re registered for, including a mobile account. Entering it now lets you use My Virgin Media to its full potential immediately.

If you have an additional account number you’d like to add, tick the “Add More Account” box, and you’ll be able to register another number.

Then enter your surname and tick the box next to “I am not a robot”. Click on “Add your account” to complete the registration!

If you don’t have an account number, but still want to get your profile set up, that’s OK. Just use the “Continue to profile page” link instead.

You will then have the option to make sign in quicker by linking a social media account for sign in. If you wish to do this please follow the steps on the screen. Of course, you can skip this step too by simply clicking on the “Continue to your profile page” link. 

If you change your mind in the future, don’t worry you can link to your social media network  on the My Profile page at any time.

After everything’s done, we’ll send an email to confirm that you’re registration is complete.


If you have registered, but did not include an account number in the registration process, you will be asked to enter your account number and surname upon sign in for the first time to get full access to your services.

Tip: Once you are on the My Profile page, make sure you include a Recovery phone number so you can use it to recover your sign in details if you ever forget them.



Step by Step guide to accessing your online bill

Once you receive your email notification, you’re all set to go online to view your latest bill.

Step 1

Go to

Once you get to the log in page enter your username and your password into the spaces provided and click ‘Sign in’.

If you have forgotten your user name or your password no problem, you can select these options below each text field and follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve the information.

Step 2

When you have logged in, select the ‘My Bills & Payments’ drop down menu at the top of the page and choose ‘View My Fixed Bills’ or ‘View My Mobile Bills’ to access your bills. 

From the drop down menu next to ‘My Bill’ label, you can select which month you would like to see. You can then select to view the whole bill as a PDF.
You can view a summary of your bill by scrolling down the page. 

To see it in more detail you can select the ‘My Bills & Payments’ option in the top banner and then select ‘My Bills and Payments’ in the dropdown menu to view all of your payment details in detail. 

Step 3

If at any stage you would like to change your bill settings, you can do this by selecting ‘My Bills & Payments’, then select ‘Change My Billing Options’ from the drop down menu.