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Home Phone from Virgin Media offers everything that you expect from a Home Phone service, but without the expensive bills. Our service includes call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and more, so you can make the very most of your home phone. 

Home Phone installation tips

A few things to remember when installing your home phone service:

  • Do not use the port on the left-hand side of the connection box; it is used only for FM radio.
  • On your modem the first four lights from left to right must be solid (not flashing) for connection.
  • When the TEL 1 light illuminates on the front screen, your voice service is active on your cable modem.
  • Just plug in your handset into the TEL1 port on the rear left-hand side of your modem. Your service is already active.

Want to keep your number? It’s easy to do.

Simply complete the transfer your number online form

Note: your number must still be active with your old provider


Download the home phone guide

Download the full home phone installation guide