How can I Skip By Day on the TV Guide?


Feel like peering into the future? The Skip By Day feature allows you to skip forward or backwards by day on your TV guide within the 10 next days of programming.


This feature is handily presented in your TV Guide. To get there, just:


1.       Press the GUIDE button on your Horizon Remote control (or select TV GUIDE in the Main Menu)

2.       You will see a fast forward logo just beside today's date, on the top left hand side of your TV screen.


Current Day:


When your TV Guide is displaying the current day programmes, click the Fast Forward key on your Remote Control to jump to the same time of day in the TV Guide for the next day's information.


Next Day:


When your TV Guide is displaying a day in the future, the Fast Forward of Fast Rewind keys display so users can Skip forward or backwards through the guide


Last Day:


In the last day of the guide, only the skip backwards option displays

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