How do I use the Horizon remote control?


An infrared/RF remote control is provided with your Horizon box. This remote allows you to control both the Horizon box and your TV by pairing both devices together.

With super-fast channel zapping you can quickly navigate through the Horizon menus. Also, there are a number of shortcut buttons on the remote control:

  • remoteLive TV Key -


  1. Return to Live TV when viewing paused TV, Recordings, On Demand, and home network content.
  2. Clear menu and return to Live TV.
  3. Tune to last viewed channel when watching live TV.
  • remote Programme information for the channel you are viewing.

  • remote Brings you directly to helpful answers.

  • remote Displays teletext (where available).

  • remote Brings you to the On Demand TV section.

  • remote Brings you to the TV Guide.

  • remote Brings you to "MY RECORDINGS" within "MY LIBRARY".

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