How can I record using the Horizon box?


There are a lot of eyes, a lot of preferences, and a lot of programmes out there. You can record something now and watch it later with a few clicks of the buttom. And, the Horizon box lets you record 4 shows at the same time, even while you are watching a 5th, so everyone’s happy.

To record a programme while watching it live, press the "REC" button on your remote control. You can choose to record just one episode or an entire series. If you press "THIS EPISODE", you’ll only save the current episode of the programme you are watching. If you choose "ENTIRE SEASON", you’ll record the entire season as the weeks march on.

You can also select "ADD EXTRA TIME", which allows you to add extra recording time on to the start and end of your programme We recommend that you do this on each of your recordings just to be safe.

If you see a programme in the TV Guide, and want to save it for later, of if you know something’s coming and want to make sure your Horizon box saves it while you’re out, just follow these simple steps:

1.       Press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control (if you’re not in the TV Guide already).

2.       On your screen go to the programme you wish to record and press "OK" on your remote control.

3.       Choose to record either "THIS EPISODE" or the "ENTIRE SEASON". Press "OK" on your remote control to confirm your selection.

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