How many programmes can I record at the same time?


You can record up to 4 programmes at the same time using the Virgin TV box. If the maximum number of recordings is exceeded you will be shown a message with a list of the options as follows:

1. AUTOMATICALLY - Your Virgin TV box cancels the recording with the lowest priority. High-priority recordings are those that are currently running and protected recordings.

2. MANUALLY - You can select which recording to cancel.

3. CANCEL RECORDING - Your Virgin TV box cancels the most recent recording you have planned.

How can I playback recorded programmes on my Virgin TV HD+ box?

All recorded programmes are stored in "MY LIBRARY" in the main menu of your Virgin TV box.

To access your recorded programmes quickly, proceed as follows:

• Press "RECORDINGS" on your remote control.
• Select "MY RECORDINGS" and press "OK".
• Navigate to the programme you wish to view and select "OK" to confirm.

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