How can I delete recordings on my Horizon box?


You’re out of room, and want to record more. Or you’ve already watched a programme, and want to keep your records section tidy. Or it’s spring, and you want to do a bit of cleaning. Delete a planned recording or Series recording from your Horizon box by following these simple steps:


1.       Press the RECORDINGS key on the remote control.

2.       Using the up or down keys on the remote, select the planned recording you want to delete and press OK.

3.       If the planned recording is part of a series, a list of episodes is displayed; if it's a one-off recording, a list of actions is displayed.

4.       Select the planned recording you want to delete and press OK. (HINT: Press the UP arrow key to select the next scheduled recording in your Planner.)

5.       From the Action Menu, using the arrow keys, select the DELETE option and press OK.

6.       You will then be asked if you are sure you want to delete the planned recording, press OK with YES highlighted.

7.       Now press the "Live TV" key on the remote control to clear the menu.

You’re all done, and you didn’t even need a mop.

WARNING:  If you select the DELETE EVERYTHING option from the Action Menu, and confirm you wish to proceed, you will delete ALL planned recordings of ALL Programmes and ALL Series from the Horizon box. Please be sure you want to do this before selecting this option, K?

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