What PIN and parental control settings are available on the Horizon box?


A big vocabulary isn’t always a good thing. If you have young ones running around the house, using the Parental Controls and setting a PIN could be the right idea. The PIN and Parental Controls menu option allows you to configure the parental control settings to manage your children's access to the Horizon box and the corresponding channels, and to set a PIN code. This code manages the parental control and makes it possible to order On Demand content.

  1. PIN MANAGEMENT: set your PIN here and determine for which actions PIN entry is required. The default PIN code is "0000".
  2. PURCHASE PROTECTION: you can deactivate or activate the purchase protection feature to prevent unwanted orders. The PURCHASE PROTECTION menu is located within the PIN MANAGEMENT option.
  3. PARENTAL CONTROL: restrict individual channels and use the age limit to restrict the viewing of individual programmes.

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