How can I add and organise channel favourites on the Horizon box?


To add a channel favourite on the Horizon box, press "OK" in the TV Guide or when watching live television, then select "ADD TO FAVOURITES".
To organise your favourites:

1. On your remote control select the "MENU" button.

At this point you can choose:

1. "SET FAVOURITES" - Here you can set and remove favourite channels by navigating to the channel and clicking OK. When a channel is added to the favourites there will be a tick beside it. After adding channels select "CONFIRM LIST" on screen.

2. "REORDER FAVOURITES" - Here you can change the order of your favourites list. Navigate to the channel you wish to move, click "OK" on your remote control and move the channel to it's new position. Press "OK" again on your remote to confirm the channel's new position.

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