How do I access the TV Guide on the Horizon box?


Using the Horizon box is easy. Navigating through the TV Guide is easier. Watching what you love is the easiest! To scroll through the TV Guide, press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control. This brings you straight to the "ALL CHANNELS VIEW" of the guide where you can see what is on now, next and up to 10 days ahead.


To choose a more specific guide view:


1.       Press "MENU" on your remote control.

2.       On screen navigate to "TV GUIDE", press OK, and press the up or down arrows on your remote control to browse the available options.

3.       Select "GENRE VIEW" to view the guide by specific channel genres e.g. "NEWS", "SPORT".

4.       Select "SINGLE CHANNEL VIEW" to browse the guide one channel at a time.

5.       Select "ADJUST TIMELINE" to change the period of time displayed in the TV Guide.

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