What is Open DNS Vulnerability?

Domain Name System (DNS) is like an address book system used by computers connected to the internet. Every time you send a mail or go online, your computer needs to know where to send your email or where to find the webpage you’re looking for.


Got it? Ok. So your computer contacts a DNS server, a computer that runs the address book. Usually a DNS server will only talk to computers that have been given permission to communicate with it.

An Open DNS is a server that lets any computer system on the internet use it, not just the authorised users on networks you control or trust.

How can I fix it?

For more about how to resolve this issue, check out these sites:

- team-cymru.org

- zytrax.com

- knowledgelayer.softlayer.com

- technet.microsoft.com

If you got a warning letter/email from us, you’ll need to resolve the issue within 5 days or we may have to suspend your service. 

** Sorry, but Virgin Media can’t accept any responsibility for external links or third party software you install on your computer. For this reason, we’re unable to provide technical support for issues that arise through any links provided.

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