How do I connect my Playstation to my Broadband service?

Before following any connection steps, see your Playstation Instruction Manual for important safety information.

If you are connecting your Playstation with a wire, please follow the below steps. We would recommend using an ethernet cable where possible.


1.  Click on the "Settings" option, then go to "Network Settings".

Network settings

2. Click on "Internet Connection Settings"
3. A message may popup advising that you will be disconnected from the internet. Select "Yes" here.
4.  You will then be given the option to choose between a wired and wireless connection. Choose wireless here.

Choose wireless

5. On the next screen, choose "Scan". This will prompt your Playstation 3 to start looking for wireless networks in range.
6.  Choose the SSID, which matches what is on the base of your modem.
7.  Select the security type. (The default for our wireless network is WPA).

Security type - WPA

8. It will now ask you to enter the wireless password. (this can be located on the base of the modem also, and is case sensitive)
9.  You are then given the option of "Easy" or "Custom". Choose "Easy" here.

Choose easy

10. Now Click on "Save".

11.  You can test the connection by clicking on "Test Connection".