How do I connect my game console to your broadband service?

Before following any connection steps, see your Xbox 360 Instruction Manual for important safety information.


1. Switch off your Virgin Media modem.
2. Get an Ethernet cable and plug one end into one of the ports on your Virgin Media modem. (One of these cables should have come with your Xbox 360.)


3. Plug the other end into the back of the console.

Xbox 360 console

4. Switch the modem back on. Then wait for the online light to appear and stay on.

5. Turn on your Xbox 360. It should automatically connect to your Broadband with the default settings.

Using a wireless adapter? See the steps below:
6. Connect the wireless adapter to your Xbox 360. If there’s an antenna, make sure it’s pointing upwards. Newer Xbox 360's will have built-in wireless.
7. Switch on your Xbox 360.
8. Go to the System Settings page.
9. In the System Settings screen, choose Network Settings and then Configure Network.
10. On this screen, select Wireless Mode.
11. Scan for networks.
12. Select your WiFi network from the list that appears (You’ll find your network name/SSID under your modem.)
13. You’ll need to enter your WiFi password. (Again, you’ll find this under your modem. Take care when typing - it’s case sensitive.)
14. This will take you back to Network Settings. Select Test Xbox Live Connection.
15. This should now connect automatically whenever you turn on your Xbox 360.
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