What does usage allowance mean?

The size of digital information (web pages, photos, music tracks, emails, etc.) is measured in Megabytes (Mb). Usage allowance refers to the maximum amount of information you can transfer across the Internet every month.


To help you calculate what to expect, here is a rough guide for normal Internet activities.

  • 100 emails received (no attachments) = 5Mb
  • 100 web pages viewed = 10Mb
  • 1 hr online gaming = 4.5Mb
  • 1 MP3 music file downloaded = 4Mb

All Broadband services are subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy. The monthly data transfer allowance is 500GB for each broadband package Virgin Media offers.

A very small number of customers use bandwidth excessively when they:

  •  Use peer-to-peer file sharing software.
  •  Send large unsolicited bulk email.
  • Get infected by Internet worms and viruses.

These activities significantly reduce the speed at which other customers can access the Internet during peak hours.

How will I know if I have been exceeding the limits set by the Acceptable Usage Policy?

If your usage has been exceeding the limits set by the Acceptable Usage Policy, you will receive a letter informing you of this. When this letter is received, it is a warning to let you that if you exceed the limits again, your package will automatically be upgraded.

There are many utilities online that can be used to monitor your usage per computer. Don't forget, your usage is not just your download, but your upload as well.

What will happen if I exceed the limits set by the Acceptable Usage Policy numerous times?

Once you have received a first warning letter, and you exceed the limits again, your package will automatically be upgraded to a higher package better suited to your usage needs. A second letter will be sent to you advising that your current package has been automatically upgraded.

I no longer want to be on a higher package, how do I downgrade?

If your package was upgraded due to your usage, it is possible to be downgraded to your original package if your usage drops below the Acceptable Usage Policy limits again. To request the downgrade, email aup@virginmedia.ie.

Please note, usage will be reviewed over a calendar month, e.g. 1st Jan to 1st Feb, and for the package to be downgraded again, the usage between these times has to be below the limits set by the Acceptable Usage Policy.