Powerline Adapter

Get connected, even in places your Hub's WiFi won't reach

When it comes to getting online, your Virgin Media Hub is one souped-up piece of kit. But wireless technology isn't perfect, so there might still be some places in your home that it just can't reach or give you the speeds you crave.

A Virgin Media Powerline Adapter can help you get connected in more places around the house. Whether you want to hook up a games console with a cable or extend the wireless network in your home, we’ve got Powerlines equipped to do it. All you need is a room with a socket. Easy!

Behold the power of Powerline

Powerlines use your home's electrical wiring to connect devices. Just hook up an adapter to your Virgin Media Hub to help you get a better WiFi signal in any room with a working socket. We have a brand new Powerline adapter and its available for only €50. You'll need to be an existing Virgin Broadband customer to order a Powerline kit from us.

To order, call our Customer Care team, on 1908

Broadband boosting superheroes

You’ll need to be an existing Virgin Media customer to get your hands on a Powerline from us. To order, call our Customer Care team, on 1908. 

The Virgin Media Powerline Adapter features one Ethernet port and is ideal for connecting devices such as a games console or smart TV via an Ethernet cable. It also adds a filtered power outlet so you don’t lose the use of one of your sockets