How do I manage my Virgin Media email account?

How do I get my email address and password?

If your equipment was delivered, your email address and password details will have been included in the documentation which accompanied your equipment.


If a technician installed your service, your email address and password details will have been filled out at the back of your welcome guide.


How do I access my email service?

You can log in to your email service through the Virgin Media website. There is a link for webmail on the top right hand side of the page.


You can also access Webmail from the 'Webmail' link at the top of the Virgin Media home page.

Please note that your Virgin Media email address still includes UPC in the link, this has not changed with the rebrand.

To access just enter your email address and password, then press Login.

How do I access my email account management?

Your email account management section is pretty important. It lets you create and delete addresses, monitor how much memory you have used, change your passwords and more. To log in, simply enter your username and password. When you click “submit”, you will be brought to the main menu, which lets you tailor your email accounts to fit your needs.

2. You are now in the "main menu" of the email account management. There are four options in the main menu.


  • View how much of your web space is in use.
  • Set up mail aliases
  • Change your password
  • Create new email addresses

How do I change the password for my email?

Changing your password is safe, smart and simple. Once you are logged into the email account management section, you click on "change your password".

Next, enter your existing password and the new password you want to set. Then press the "submit" button.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation that the password has been changed.

That’s it. Simply click the “continue” button to return to the main menu.

How do I change the password for my email?

Changing your password is safe, smart and simple. Once you are logged into the email account management section, you click on "change your password".

How do I set up my existing email address in Outlook Express?

Bringing your existing email address into Outlook Express just makes things easier. And, in keeping with that theme, we created this step-by-step guide to help you import your account without any hassle. To set up your existing email address you will need to know your password and the incoming server details relevant to your email address provider.

1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Click on Tools, Accounts and then select the Mail tab.
3. Now select Add and then click on Mail.
4. Enter display name (this allows you to specify how you want your name to appear in the 'From' field in mails that people receive from you), then click on Next.
5. Now enter the email address, i.e. the address that you have been using to date, then click on Next.
6. You will then be asked for the server details:
a. The "My incoming mail server" field should already be set to POP3.
b. In the Incoming Mail Box enter the server details to match your existing email address e.g.
c. In the Outgoing Mail Box enter
7. On the next screen, enter your "Account Name" and password. The account name is your existing email address and the password is that which was provided with your existing email address.
8. Click on Next, then Finish.

Isn’t it nice having everything in one place?

How do I set up my existing email in Mac Mail?

Like the way Mac Mail works? You integrate UPC/Virgin Media Webmail accounts in seven simple steps. All you need is your password, the incoming server details of your email address provider and a few spare minutes. Let’s get you going:

1. Start the Mac Mail client. The icon usually can be found in the dock on your screen, or the applications folder.
2. If this is your first time using Mail it will prompt you to enter your full name, email address and its password. The email address and password will be the same as you have been using to date.
3. The next screen will ask you to enter the incoming mail details:
a. The "Account Type:" should be "POP".
b. The Description is how you will identify this account in your mail client.
c. The incoming mail server should be the server associated with your email address e.g.
d. The username should be your existing email address.
e. The password will match what you have been using to date.
4. The next screen will ask you to enter the outgoing mail details:
a. In the "Description:" you enter what you want to identify the outgoing mail server by.
b. The outgoing mail server should be entered as "".
5. The next screen will ask you to enter security details for the outgoing mail. You do not need to enter anything here, so just click "Continue”.
6. The next screen will give you a summary of the email address details. Check these details to ensure everything has been set up correctly.
7. If you are satisfied all the details are correct, you can click "Create" to finish the setup of your email address.

Pretty easy, no?

Have forgotten my UPC/Virgin Media Webmail password?

Forgot your password? Sure, it happens. In order to reset your password, simply contact our Customer Care team by filling out the online contact form or calling freephone by dialling 1908. Lines are open 9am-9pm, Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays.

How do I create a new email address?

There are loads of reasons to create a new email address, and we’re happy to help you do it. With Virgin Media, you have the ability to create up to 14 extra email addresses in your email account management section. To create a custom address, simply follow these simple steps:


Once logged into your email account management section, click on "administer your family account".

Create new email address

- Select an available account and click on "add user"


Add user


- Enter in the First and Last name along with the password


Enter details

- The next screen will present you with a number of options you can use as your email address. Alternatively you can enter your own in the text box at the bottom of the list. Click "submit" once you have selected or entered the email address you wish to set up.

Enter email address and click submit

- You will then get a screen confirming email address and details. Click "yes" on this if you are satisfied the details are correct.

Confirm details

- You will now see your email address is listed in the "administer family account" screen.

Email address displayed

This new email address can now be accessed through the webmail service on the Virgin Media homepage.