May Product and Pricing Updates


How long do I have to redeem my Netflix voucher?
You can redeem your Netflix voucher until 31/7/17, which is less time than you think. Get your voucher, get your free Netflix, and get watching! Tempus fugit. Carpe diem. The whole lot.


Can I still redeem the voucher past 3rd May? How long do I have?
You most certainly can. The 3rd of May is just when we stop issuing the vouchers. You can redeem them as late as the 31st of July.


What happens after my Netflix voucher expires?
Unfortunately, this specific promotion ends on 31/7/17, which means we won’t be able to accept your voucher after that date.


How can I cancel my Netflix during the free period?
Not happy with Netflix? That’s OK – Just log into your Netflix account and cancel it as you normally would. There’s no need to go through Virgin Media.


Q2 Naked Broadband:

I am in contract, can I cancel my 2play and take naked broadband?
Yes, of course you can, but there will be an early cease charge. Likewise, if you would like to downgrade to naked broadband, or 1play, then you’ll be charged an early cease fee for removing the home phone from the bundle.


I am not in contract. Can I cancel my 2play and take naked broadband?
Certainly. If you’re a 2play customer, and aren’t in a 2play contract, you can easily move to naked broadband (AKA 1play). However, there will be the standard €30 activation fee.