Billing: Fees and Credits

What happens if I fail to pay my bill?

Failure to pay your account in full may result in loss of service. Reactivation of your service could take up to 7 days and will incur a fee of €5.

So to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our great services, put that bill payment on your to-do list today! 

What is the Unpaid Direct Debit Fee?

If for some reason a Direct Debit payment is returned as unpaid by the bank, a charge of €10 is automatically applied to your bill.


You may also receive a reminder letter to request payment of the outstanding balance due. In these situations, payment of the outstanding balance would need to be made by an alternative payment method. You may also be required to complete a new Direct Debit mandate for future payments.

Please note: We approach the bank for payment of Direct Debits approximately 14 days after the bill was issued.

What happens if I have lost or damaged equipment?

If you have lost or damaged your VM Hub, Horizon TV, Digital+ or Digital+ HD box you can speak to a member of our customer care team and arrange for a replacement. A €60 fee will apply for replacement of damaged or lost equipment.

What is the Late Payment Fee?

All of our available products and services require a payment within 14 days from the bill issue date, which can be found at the top of your bill. Unfortunately, if you miss the due date, €12.50 may be added to the balance, and we reserve the right to charge this fee on any overdue amounts.


Of course, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. That’s why this fee won’t be charged until we have sent a notification, and given you an opportunity to rectify the situation before the fee is finalized.


What is a self-install assistance charge?

If you need a hand after attempting self-install, we can send one of our Virgin Ninjas to get you up and running. The Ninja will complete the install and give you the full Virgin Red House experience including WiFi optimisation, a full review of signal and reach issues in your home, and connection of all your personal devices. They won’t rest until it’s all connected seamlessly! There’s a €50 charge for this service, and you get the added peace of mind of knowing that everything will be set up just right.

How do I get a copy of a previous bill?

If you need a copy of your bill, please register for My Virgin Media, where you can view and print your bills free of charge. Please note that you can only view the bills for the previous 24 months.

What is the Cancellation Fee?

The in-contract cancellation fee of €200.00 will be applied to your bill if any of your services are cancelled while still within the 12-month contract period, or 18 months depending on the product you have signed up for.

Read our full Terms and Conditions information guide.

If you would like speak to a member of our customer care team, dial “1908” and select Option 2. Overseas customers can call 00 353 1 245 8000. Please remember to have your account number on hand. You can also contact a member of our team by completing our online contact form.

How do I return equipment to Virgin Media?

After your service has been cancelled, we’ll try to contact you three times to schedule a collection. Unfortunately, if we haven’t had a chance to set a time to pick up the VM Hub, Horizon TV, Digital+ or Digital+ HD box, a charge of €150 will be added to your account. 


You can contact our collector directly on 01 4405310. If you want to be on the safe side, email to arrange an early pick up of the equipment.