Study: The Most Suitable Counties to Work from Home in Ireland

24 April 2024: Virgin Media has announced results of a study which reveals the top counties in which to work from home.

Over the last four years, the number of people working from home in Ireland has increased from 19.89% to 36.2%, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

With that in mind, Virgin Media commissioned research to rank the best counties in Ireland for working from home.

The analysis factored in essential elements such as rent prices, broadband speed, crime rates, air quality, sunlight hours, restaurant availability, and the number of primary schools. These factors play a crucial role in determining the ideal location for remote work living. Each data point in the index was individually scored, these scores were then used to calculate the overall index ranking.

The top five counties in Ireland to work from home are as follows:

  1. 1. Kerry
  2. 2. Clare
  3. 3. Laois
  4. 4. Roscommon
  5. 5. Donegal



Beyond its breathtaking beauty, Kerry proves to be an ideal destination for remote workers. With rent prices averaging around €1,035 per month, significantly lower than Dublin's average of €2,102 per month, Kerry offers an attractive living option. Moreover, the county ensures seamless remote work experiences with its fast broadband speed, averaging at 83.35 Mbps.

Kerry also boasts a safe environment, with a low crime rate index of 40.94. For those seeking less crowded locations, The Kingdom’s air quality index of 18 offers an inviting atmosphere for leisurely strolls and relaxation after work. With a choice of 635 restaurants, pubs, and cafes, Kerry provides ample entertainment and dining choices, alongside a selection of primary schools.

Clare ranks second in the best counties to work from home. The average monthly rent here is around €1,025, and with high-speed broadband reaching 101.65 Mbps, it's an excellent choice for remote work. The Banner stands out as a safe county, boasting a low crime index of 44.8. Furthermore, County Clare offers ample opportunities to soak up vitamin D, with an average of 1305.12 sunlight hours per year.

Roscommon and Donegal stand out as hidden gems, claiming the fourth and fifth spots respectively, each with distinct advantages for remote professionals. Roscommon's appeal lies in its blend of affordability and quality of life, boasting an average rent of €905 and impressive broadband speeds averaging 140.19 Mbps, earning it a commendable broadband index score of 0.561.

Paul Higgins, VP Commercial at Virgin Media Ireland said: "The increase in numbers working from home gives people greater flexibility in their lives and a more favourable work-life balance. With Virgin Media’s full fibre broadband reaching more and more corners of Ireland, we’re thrilled to be playing our part in helping facilitate our customers work from home all around the country."


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