Bereavement of Virgin Media account holder

We're really sorry to hear about your loss. We know this is not an easy task and can be a difficult time, so we want to make this as easy as possible for you. Call us on 1908, select Accounts and Billing and we'll sort everything out.


To make the process as easy and quick as possible, if you could have the following information to hand when you call it would be great.


  • The account number
  • The name of the account holder
  • The services the account holder has e.g. TV or Mobile*
  • The action you want Virgin Media to take, for example: changing the name of the account holder or closing the account
  • Your relationship to the deceased


*Please note we bill Mobile separately to TV, Broadband and Phone if you are unsure of the services that are active.


We will briefly outline your options here and what happens next:


    1.      You have the option to keep Virgin Media services active yourself and we’ll changeover names and details for you. Depending on your relationship to the account holder we may need to set up a new account for you in full, but don’t worry that can all be done straight away.

    2.      Alternatively you can close the account and we will do that on the spot. If you need to keep the services for a couple of days just tell us what date you want the account closed and we’ll arrange that.


If you close the account we may look to collect equipment like a digital box or a modem at the address, we can arrange this at a time that suits you. You can also contact our collector directly on 01 4405310 or email to arrange pick up. You can also use Parcel Motel to return your equipment, you will be able to select this option when our collector gets in touch.