Virgin Media marks Earth Day which unites people in Ireland and across the World in climate action

As Ireland’s leading broadband, cable and television group, Virgin Media’s Connections for Good strategy is our bold new sustainability plan which promises to go even further in our climate action over the next five years and beyond. It’s about building connections that really matter for people, communities and the planet. 


The Government’s Climate Action Bill commits Ireland to becoming a carbon net-zero State by 2050.   Virgin Media has signed up to Business in the Community Ireland’s new Low Carbon Pledge, further progressing towards science-led targets for carbon reduction. 


Virgin Media Ireland’s goal is to grow its business without increasing its carbon footprint. Virgin Media Ireland is an original signatory of the first BITC Low Carbon Pledge and is already currently committed to a further 50% reduction in Virgin’s carbon footprint by 2030.  Virgin Media Ireland has already achieved a 23% reduction in carbon emissions since 2017, while expanding its gigabit network to just under one million homes in Ireland to date.


Stephen Heffernan, also known as Hephee, a designer, illustrator, and art director, was asked by Virgin Media to curate a digital illustration to mark Earth Day: "During the pandemic, just being outdoors with my dog has felt like an escape. We live close to a beach and see first-hand the impact, good and bad, that people can have on it. For me, Earth Day is an opportunity for all of us to think a little bit more about how precious our planet is and how our own actions can help protect it."


Highlighting Virgin Media’s contribution to mark the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day:


Art: Commissioned by Virgin Media Ireland, artist Stephen Heffernan will reveal a unique work to mark Earth Day across a number of Virgin Media’s social media platforms [Facebook, Instagram and Twitter]. This is Virgin Media’s second commission involving local artists in Ireland.  The work will feature the artist’s interpretation of Irish landscape including aspects of biodiversity, flora and fauna.


TV: Virgin Media Television will include a number of special reports throughout its schedule to mark Earth Day.




  •  - Food Truck Chef Dan Howell will be on site to cook up a specially tasty and sustainable recipe. 
  •  - Ireland:AM Reporter Briana Parkins will provide viewers with a global view about Earth Day.
  •  - Charlie McConalogue T.D., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine will provide his viewpoints on World Earth Day.
  •  - 12-year-old Irish singer, Ruby Maher from Newbridge, Co Kildare, is asking all children in Ireland to pick up litter, responding to US President Joe Biden’s call for young people to get involved in this year’s global Earth Day.
  •  - Ireland’s favourite weatherman Deric Hartigan will be speaking to Birdwatch Ireland Niall Hatch from Co Wicklow.




  •  - The panel this week will discuss Earth Day and its significance.


The Six O Clock Show


  •  - Irish biologist and regular contributor, Éanna Ní Lamhna will join the show to mark Earth Day.


Virgin Media’s Connections for Good strategy includes:


  •  - Switched to 100% renewable energy.
  •  - Deploying solar energy panels across key sites and technical hubs.
  •  - Planning to transition our fleet to electric vehicles. 
  •  - Removing non-eco consumables from the supply chain and continuing to offer products and experiences that use less power, reduce emissions, and cut down on waste.
  •  - Activating our staff, taking action as a business and empowering change.  
  •  - Rewarding young climate activists for their positive contribution to the environment through our partnerships with Young Social Innovators and CoderDojo/ Raspberry Pi Foundations.