Make sense of Covid healthcare with experts on Virgin Media Television

Be Media Smart with news, updates and advice to feature on Ireland AM, Elaine and The Six O’Clock Show


As Ireland’s economy feels the impact of coronavirus, the phased reopening has commenced and information is constant: it can lead to all sorts of uncertainty. 

Virgin Media gets behind Be Media Smart, an initiative of Media Literacy Ireland which encourages people to Stop, Think and Check information about Covid-19 vaccinations, drawing on accurate and reliable information. 


This Sunday, Ireland AM will hear from Susan Daly, Managing Editor of Journal Media, on taking the first step to manage healthcare misinformation by visiting the website which provides advice and further sources of help.  Next week, Tuesday’s edition of the show will feature Dr Eileen Culloty, post-doctoral researcher at the DCU Institute for Media, Democracy & Society, and will discuss vaccine misinformation.  Elaine is scheduled to speak to Shane Creevy, Head of Editorial at Kinzen, about identifying reliable news sources.


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