Creative Collective ALLKinds to showcase artwork created during Covid-19 restrictions

The project has been selected for Virgin Media’s #BackingBusiness campaign and will feature on Ireland AM

Tuesday, November 3rd: The introduction of COVID-19 restrictions earlier this year ushered in huge challenges for many sectors, but particularly for those working in the arts. Creative collective, ALLKinds, brings together artists from a range of backgrounds, and highlights the creative passion that emerged during the pandemic. The project is the first of its kind in producing a creative time-capsule of this period both virtually, through an online exhibition, and physically, via an Art-Book publication.

And now, as part of Virgin Media’s #BackingBusiness campaign, the group will feature on Ireland AM this Thursday November 5th. #BackingBusiness is focused on supporting Irish businesses as they continue to navigate through the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and as we face into Christmas, Virgin Media is urging people to support local businesses when planning gifts for family and friends.

Ais Brady, Head of Design and Curation, said:” ALLKINDS is the curation of creative work that has been made during lockdown. It exists as both an online exhibition and as a publication. We are grateful to be featured as part of Virgin Media's Backing Business campaign. The very nature of this project is collaboration at a time of unpredictability so to have the support of Virgin Media behind us is incredible.

By being part of the campaign, we hope to receive the exposure and support to enable us to help us continue to grow the ALLKINDS project. We also hope it will enable us to reach a greater audience with the ALLKINDS art-book publication which is available to purchase at All profits from the art-book go to MASI to aid their mission in highlighting the injustices of the Direct Provision and ultimately demand an end to Direct Provision.”

Since launching in May, #BackingBusiness has featured hundreds of businesses across Virgin Media TV and social media platforms.  Many Irish businesses are working together to support Ireland’s plan for Living with Covid-19. The business team in Virgin Media want to continue to help each business to get back on their feet through our weekly promotion on Ireland AM.  Simply contact and we’ll do the rest.