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UPC Ireland supports educators to develop digital empowerment in young people

A new website and a new Web We Want online handbook and lesson book for educator launched to mark Safer Internet Day 2015

Dublin, 9th February 2015: UPC Ireland, in partnership with Webwise and Google, today launched an extended teacher-designed educational resource to support the development of critical thinking and digital empowerment in young people.

The new Web We Want educator resource, endorsed by the European Commission, builds on the youth-led handbook produced by the three partners last year. The resource has been developed by teachers for teachers and piloted across Europe. It offers new additional functionalities including ready to use lesson plans for 13-16 year olds, equipping educators to integrate key components of digital living into everyday lessons. Key topics include: online rights and responsibilities, censorship, freedom of expression, ethical behaviours, personal data and maintaining a positive digital footprint.

Speaking at the launch, Simon Grehan of Webwise, said “In the last two years, we have seen a significant change in how children use the internet, largely brought on by greater access to smart phones and tablets. With evidence that children are going online at everyounger ages and that their use is increasingly mobile and away from supervision, new responses resource are required.

“New technologies have become integral to the lives of young people. Consequently it is crucial that we are familiar with the associated benefits and dangers. There is a need for a shared culture of responsibility among families, schools, industry, government and the wider community towards minimising potential harm.

" Anna Maria Barry, Corporate Communications General Manager, UPC Ireland, said, “UPC believes in the importance of protecting children online through education and empowerment. Working with our long term partner Webwise, we have created a trilogy of educational toolkits that support parents and teachers to educate and empower young people to safe guard themselves online. Our educational tools engage government, educators, industry and families enabling us to create a better internet together.”

UPC is committed to the development of educational resources that empower teachers through practical and easy to use tools. We believe that educators and parents have a direct role to play in shaping responsible and capable digital citizens and employees of tomorrow.”

The Web We Want handbook and lesson plans are freely available in 12 languages and can be downloaded for free at

About UPC Ireland

UPC has worked with our long term community partner Webwise and have created a trilogy of educational toolkits and tools that support parents and teachers to educate and empower young people to safe guard themselves online.

1. ‘Play and Learn: Being Online’: ages 4-8 years, available in 16 languages, 100,000 copies distributed 

2. ‘Family eSafety Kit’: ages 6-12 years, available in 18 languages, one million copies distributed  

3. ‘The Web We Want’: ages 13-16 years 


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