The following announcement is information from UPC Ireland before the move to Virgin Media.

UPC Launches fastest Broadband in Ireland, 240Mbps Fibre Power

UPC Fibre Power provides 3 times the real speed performance of new Sky Fibre product

SamKnows study confirms UPC current real speed performance as the best in Ireland

6th January 2015 – UPC launches unlimited 240Mbps fibre power broadband. The new speed delivers on average at least three times the claimed speed performance of Sky’s new €50 a month Sky Fibre product, and is available for €5 a month less.

The announcement follows the publication of the results on an independent survey by SamKnows, the leading broadband research company, which confirms UPC as having the best broadband speed in Ireland.

The study, which measured broadband performance delivered by UPC’s 120 Mbps broadband product to users, found that UPC customers receive speeds of at least 100Mbps on average. This is twice the claimed speed of the recently announced Sky Fibre product, which only claims 90 per cent of customers’ will achieve speeds of at least 50Mbps.

Campbell Scott, Portfolio Product Manager, UPC Ireland said: “Today’s launch of the fastest Broadband product in Ireland and our on-going commitment to continually deliver the best performing broadband by a distance, is grounded in the changing needs of the Irish Consumer.

Our research shows that broadband device usage is doubling every three years in Ireland. The actual Broadband speed performance delivered by providers is therefore becoming increasingly important and there is a real lack of transparency in the market. With this study, we’ve opened ourselves up to independent scrutiny of our actual speeds with SamKnows, to set a clear benchmark and help consumers draw comparisons of real speed performance between providers.

This is all part of our commitment to constant innovation and continually leading the way in Broadband to meet the needs of the Irish consumer today and tomorrow.”

The SamKnows report, which was commissioned by UPC, is the first in a series of ongoing studies. It is also the first study that is based on data from measurement hardware and software, in this case, the SamKnows ‘Whitebox’ device whose software conducts automated measurements of broadband performance throughout the year. Information on speed of Sky fibre broadband is based on reported statement from Sky.

To download the SamKnows report, please click the following link:


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