Virgin TV 360 Remote

Say it, see it, with your Virgin TV 360 Remote...

Virgin TV 360 Remote

1. TV: Switch on and off / Mute / Source (if paired with TV)

Tip: You can pair the remote control with your TV at any time under Settings -> Sound & Picture.

2. Virgin TV 360 Box: Switch the box on and off & switch on the TV if your TV supports HDMI CEC   

3. Home / Menu : Enter the main menu and access Search, TV Guide, Replay, Films and Series, Saved (Recordings), Apps and Settings.

4. Back to live TV : Navigate directly to the live channel or to the last watched channel

5. TV Guide: Access the TV listings with the option of using the Replay function

6. Navigation buttons : With these buttons, you can navigate anywhere and confirm with OK Tips: You can navigate quicker by keeping the arrow buttons pressed. By keeping the left or right arrow buttons pressed you can rewind or fast-forward more quickly. By pressing briefly you can jump forward or backward by 30 seconds in your recordings or in Replay.

7. Back : Return to the previous navigation step

8. Options : Call up information and options for the current or selected programme Tip: You can also use this button to switch teletext and subtitles on.

9. Voice search & control : By keeping the button pressed and talking at the same time you can search for films & series, programmes or topics, or control your Virgin TV 360 Box.  

10 Record : Make a recording directly by pressing this button.

Profiles : With the profile function you can create additional user or topic profiles and save channels and favourites lists.