Profiles and Voice Control

Everything you wanted to know about Profiles and Voice Control...



With Profiles on Virgin TV 360, your TV experience is totally yours. Sign in to carry on watching where you left off, or skip right to your favourite channels. And rest easy: your personalised recommendations aren’t affected by what the rest of the family watches, so you get straight to the TV you actually like (handy when the little ones have been watching the same show for the last six months). Obviously, some TV is better enjoyed together. So with a shared household Profile, you’re only a few taps from the telly you love staying in-in for

With the profile function, up to 6 additional profiles can be created, and a name, colour and individual channel list can be defined for each one. To create a profile, press the «profile» button on your remote control and follow the instructions on the screen. With the same button you can switch between your profiles at any time.

The following settings and functions are profile based:

• Favourites list (including the order in the channel bar & TV Guide)

• Menu language / audio language / subtitle settings

• Recommendations

• Continue watching the content

• Watchlist All other functions and content are accessible for all profiles.

Tip: You can also use the profile function to create more channel lists for yourself, such as for sports channels & children’s channels.

Voice Control

Voice control can save you many clicks and you can navigate very quickly.

Hold the Microphone symbol on your TV 360 remote and tell your box what to do.

Play around: you can get to live TV, Box Sets, integrated apps and recordings, just by talking. There might even be a few hidden surprises in there…

  • Search content With the voice search you can easily look for various contents: -
  • movies & series ,actors, genres ,relevant themes channels, apps

Surf and change channels Hop to your favorite channels! Via the voice search get directly to your favorite channels Call up menus Call up menus and applications quicker: - Recordings - Watch list - Radio - Settings - Apps such as Netflix, Youtube etc. Control your TV 360 Box with voice commands - Super-fast rewinding and fast-forwarding: say "5 minutes forwards and backwards" while watching a Replay or OnDemand programme or recording - Replay: "start over" & "start again" will start the current programme, recording or OnDemand content again - Navigate in the TV guide: "Saturday, 8 pm, Monday evening, last Wednesday" - Save programmes for later: "add to watch list", "record" - Activate subtitles with the voice command "subtitles on / off"