About Virgin Media

We offer innovative, cost-competitive bundles and bespoke solutions to large blue chip corporations, public sector, home offices, small and medium sized businesses and carriers.

Our Approach

Our competitive advantage lies in both our high capacity optical fibre network (exclusively owned within Ireland with extensive reach) and the breadth of our product portfolio, which spans the complete spectrum of business communications.

As one of the largest telecoms providers in Ireland, we have a very strong presence in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Mullingar, Sligo, Athlone, Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford.

We are committed to investing in our Network, systems and people to provide high quality services to our customers.


"Virgin Media provides The CCD with a diverse internet connection that consists of a dual connection: The fibres delivering the separate connections never cross each other thus ensuring continued internet service if one of the connections goes down."

Robert Henderson

The CCD's ICT Operations Manager




Our Network

In Ireland, Virgin Media has an extensive fibre network connecting all the Virgin Media hub sites. Virgin Media utilizes DWDM to provide high bandwidth layer1 connectivity into the Large Virgin Media core Sites & Datacentres across Ireland. This equipment supports wavelengths up to 100Gbps and a variety of Fibre Channel bandwidth options.

Virgin Media MPLS (dual homing) network. This MPLS network provides the backbone for all Virgin Media data services in Ireland. Multiple 10Gbps into each of the regional cities and towns with multiple 100Gbps across Aorta into Europe.

Our fully redundant Metro Ethernet Network sits on top of this MPLS Network. The Metro Ethernet is primarily connected via fibre but also utilises Virgin Media’s radio network to reach far-end / remote locations. Typically the Metro Ethernet Network carries Internet services, BGP, SIP Trunks, Layer2 Point to Point & Point to Multipoint services. Its footprint spans the length the country and has connections into all major datacentres.

The core MPLS devices also connect to our Carrier Ethernet Network (MEF 2.0 certified services). This network provides varying levels of SLA’s with CoS (Class of Service) for the transportation for Real Time & critical data (Voice, video etc.)

Virgin Media’s unique and wholly owned Hybrid Fibre Cable network offers speeds of up to 500Mb download and 25Mb upload speed. This is totally unique to the Irish market and only available on the Virgin Media DOCSIS network.

Virgin Media also owns a licensed microwave radio distribution network around Ireland which is used connect businesses with high speed data connections up to 1Gbps where no fibre is available.

Why you should use Virgin Media Business

With over 15 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Virgin Media Ireland Business is one of the largest B2B communications providers in Ireland.

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Virgin Media provides The CCD with a diverse internet connection that consists of a dual...

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