Voice Services

Connectivity built on Ireland's most extensive network

Whether you’re a digital agency with international links, a one-man-band working from home, or a corporation with multiple call-centres, we have a phone for you.

All our products are feature-rich and flexible enough to grow with you. Select the one you need, or make life simpler (and cheaper) by switching everything over to us.


Our wide-ranging choice of voice products provide everything you need and come with a bespoke price plan.


If you'd like to boosting your national presence or your revenue, our non-geographic inbound business numbers are a brilliant solution.


Which size business are you?

Find out how these products support your business

If you're a small but fabulous company with under 20 employees, step this way to explore a range of phone and connectivity products just for you.


You may be medium-sized, but you're anything but ordinary. If you have between 20 and 250 employees, we have a product that's just right for you.


You have over 250 employees and your business is probably spread across multiple sites. How have you managed without us? 


Whether you're a wholesaler or a reseller, take advantage of our range of premier-class products and services and use them as a powerful tool for you.




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