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130 food outlets across Ireland


  1. AIL Group, consisting of Abrakebabra, O’Briens and Bagel Factory, decided to start offering their customers unlimited WiFi access in all 130 outlets across the country. 

Digital aims

These days, customers look for great service when it comes to their meals and their WiFi.


Catering and hospitality franchises are discovering that WiFi is not just another customer expectation that needs to be satisfied. Providing a well-connected environment can benefit business by helping organisations get to know their customers, and could even be a form of income generation. It can open up great marketing opportunities, but also increase a sense of community and help make customers feel welcome. 

Operational goals

As well as keeping their customers happy, AIL Group wanted to be able to capture user email addresses and WiFi session information (location, time, etc.). They also needed connectivity for their till and payment terminal systems. 

Virgin Media Business WiFi for AIL Group

We installed fully managed Virgin Media Business WiFi in all AIL Group locations, providing their customers with unlimited Internet access. 


Using their new business WiFi, AIL Group can now collect user data and analyse customer trends, allowing them to promote relevant offers and ‘cross promote’ their brands. Customers are also directed to Facebook when they log in, encouraging those all-important ‘likes’. Tills and payment terminals are now fully connected, introducing a host of business capabilities that help improve efficiency.

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Dedicated Internet Access provides the ultimate in connectivity by offering dedicated, direct access to the Internet that's just for you.


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