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Dublin City Council Celebrates World WiFi Day

World WiFi Day is a global celebration of Wifi taking place on June 20th each year to help promote digital inclusion.

Over the past year there have been over 100,000 connections to Dublin City Council’s WIFI4EU service – a free Wifi service running in 35 locations across parks, libraries and community centres in partnership with Virgin Media Business.

Wifi4EU was born out of an initiative supported by the European Commission to provide free Wi-Fi access in public spaces across Europe. Dublin City Council is one of the many local authorities in Ireland supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development to improve digital connectivity.

In 2019, Dublin City Council invited the public to suggest locations where the WiFi hotspots would be most beneficial to the community, resulting in over 50 applications to access the Wifi4EU and selecting sites where they can support community, residents and tourists.

The installation of WiFi hotspots in these public areas has helped bridge the digital divide, ensuring that residents including visitors can enjoy the benefits of free internet connectivity. Over 40 TB of data has been used over the past year demonstrating the value of the network!

Barnardo Square is among the 35 locations in Dublin where Wi-Fi is available to everyone including residents and visitors to access the internet on smartphones, tablets and other devices!

"We are delighted and relieved that we have WiFi that won’t crash or collapse during use. Prior to using the service the centre we had to rely on a booster for connectivity so this is big improvement”

City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) who are providing computer lessons for adults at the Artane Coolock Family Resource Centre


WiFi4EU Hotspots:


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