7 steps to raise your profile online in 2024

1) First of all make a plan

What is your vision? What do you want to achieve this year. Do you want to become known as the 'Go To' person in your niche? Once you decide what you want to be known for, start taking steps to prove that you are the expert. Stop hiding, it's your time to shine and your audience need you. We want to learn from you and we want to be inspired by you too.


2) Write articles and posts that give value

What would your clients like to know right now? What struggles are they having at the moment. What would be a useful tip to share or a story that would give them hope or give them something new they can try out or implement? I did a video once on how to bookmark a tweet and it did really well as we forget sometimes that what we know others don't know!


3) Write a press release

Journalists are always looking for great content so if you have a      story (in particular a positive story) or some really good tips that their readers would appreciate then write a press release about it. Add in some statistics or real examples as this would help a lot.


4) Listen in to radio stations

See if they are speaking about a topic you can comment on or email the show to enhance their topic. Most researchers will put you on a list of experts they can contact around certain topics. For example when Elon took over Twitter I was contacted by many journalists and media outlets and even ended up on the radio in Dubai!


5) Start using video to share your experience and knowledge

Videos in particular short form video is a great way for people to get to know you and what you know more. If you make jewellery, show behind the scenes and the process and story behind the piece you make.


6) There are opportunities out there

Raise your profile by connecting with your target audience, journalists and people who will love what you are doing. Engage and build relationships with journalists and help them too by reposting or sharing their articles.

If you get an opportunity, respond as soon as possible not tomorrow as most journalists have a deadline and might need your comment or contribution urgently.


7) So for this year, be brave, stand out and be confident in your abilities

You love what you do so let your passion shine through. It’s your time to shine!



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