3 ways to fall in love with your business again


Valentines is all about love in relationships but what about falling in love with your business again?


Starting a business is exciting, scary and time consuming. Remember the excitement of coming up with that great idea? Remember the fear of actually making the decision to go for it? I remember wondering if I was mad (And being told I was crazy to start a business during a recession)


So many emotions! But when you actually get stuck in and start getting clients we can get swayed with the day to day running of the business and as it’s not easy, we can get bogged down with the challenges and forget why we started to follow our passion.



1) Remember why you started your business

You had a vision when you started. Could it be time to revisit those Mission, Vision and Value statements?


Tom Finn, founder of Leed Strategy says:

 ‘While business and love may seem like disparate aspects of life, they share some similarities in terms of dynamics and strategies. Having solid Mission, Vision, and Value statements are critical components that you must take seriously, and relying on buzzwords won't be sufficient.


It's not merely a poster for display on the company wall or randomly on your business landing page. This is about a concise, focused, and skilfully crafted statements that communicate precisely to your clients, customers, and employees who you are, your current position, your future direction, and the strategic path you're taking to get there.’


A bit like dating, it’s important to show who you are and what you’re about. Keep it simple and be authentic. Remember why you started your business. Obviously you are passionate about your area of expertise or your product. Is that passion still there?


I love what I do. But it comes with the usual challenges such as cashflow, Feeling lonely sometimes and yes there are times when I think about getting a ‘normal job’. As business owners we wear a lot of hats. We’re the book-keeper, sales person, customer service, Administrator and so much more. But if you keep learning and keep yourself surrounded with others who ‘get you’ and what you do you won’t feel so lonely and also you can outsource some of the day to day tasks that you don’t enjoy.


2) Focus on what you’re good at

Outsourcing has helped me so much in my business. It means that I can focus on the tasks that I love doing instead of the stuff like spreadsheets and designing images which aren’t my forte.


This helps you stay focused and fall in love with your business all over again. Doing what we love is so good for our mental health too.


3) Ask for Testimonials

Happy clients and great testimonials will always make you feel good and when you get results for your clients this will help you fall in love with your business all over again. Sometimes we forget how much we know and how much we actually help our clients. Ask for a review, recommendation or testimonial from clients. Usually they will be very happy to help.


You are amazing, you’ve started a business and you’re standing on your own two feet. Be proud of what you have achieved and remember why you started in the first place. You’ll find yourself falling in love with your business all over again.



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