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15 reasons why you should be using Twitter (๐•) for your business!

Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly, is a social media powerhouse with a talent for making connections and building relationships. She's a master of engagement and she knows just how to get people talking and interacting online. This month, exclusively for Virgin Media Business, Samantha discusses the importance of businesses using Twitter (X)

1. Increase your Engagement

The demographic on ๐•ฉ are professional, urban and open to discussions. So, if you are a thought leader or expert in your niche you can ask questions, share knowledge, or ask for help. The Twitter community LOVE to help others.

2. Get Listening

You can get feedback from your potential customers using Twitter polls too. I recently asked a simple question about air fryers -yes really! Two people that replied to this tweet ended up sending me a private message asking to show them how to do a twitter poll, so they booked a Twitter lesson with me!

3. Itโ€™s FREE 

to use unless you subscribe to ๐•ฉ pro/Twitter blue for โ‚ฌ9.48 per month. 

4. Boost your leads

You can find your audience easily using search and by having conversations with like-minded people, so your potential customers are literally at your fingertips

5. You can get personal

You can share your passion e.g. hillwalking, dogs, fishing and create a loyal following of people who are passionate about the same thing.

6. Increase your web traffic

๐•ฉ is a great driver of traffic to your site

7. You can Optimise

An added bonus is the SEO benefit - If you are active on ๐•ฉ your past few posts will come up in search when people search for you on google.

8. Keep an eye on your competition

You can keep an eye on your competition by adding them to a private ๐•ฉ list and watch what they are up to. (Although I donโ€™t do this, I look for collaboration opportunities or just keep being the best).  You can find more information on how to maintain lists here; How to use Twitter lists 

9.You can focus on Customer Service

Itโ€™s a first point of contact for many. You can engage straight away and take the conversation offline to DM or email or phone. Once you reply in public anyone can see that you are dealing with it and it looks good.

10. Reputation management

As above you can show you care.

11. Boost your Brand

Most small business owners are there too as they use it for the same reason you are using it.

  • 78% of respondents on a survey by Twitter (now ๐•ฉ) said they are more likely to recommend a business who they have engaged with on ๐•ฉ
  • 86% of respondents say they are more likely to buy from a business that a friend has recommended on ๐•ฉ

12. Make some Cash

๐•  gives โ€˜normalโ€™ people like us a piece of the pie. Creators now can get subscribers and be paid ad revenue share from ๐•ฉ - So you can monetize your ๐•ฉ

13. Network, Network, Network

You can reach and engage with people you probably never would have got the chance to chat with before. No big, long introductory emails, you can just tag someone.

14. Learn as you go

You have access to ๐• analytics to measure your success

15. Boost your profile

Journalists and/or potential opportunities with Journalists (Check out the #journorequest hashtag) and the media are on ๐•ฉ

Twitter by the way is LinkedIn's living's where the decision makers and busy folk go to get the latest news as it happens and lurk. Be aware that people are always watching. So my biggest tip would be don't bitch about others, keep adding value and show you care as you never know who is watching...

About The Author

The Tweeting Goddess! Samantha is a Twitter (X) expert, LinkedIn audio host, connector of dots and engaging expert. She's an international speaker on the power of Twitter and LinkedIn, and she's got some serious skills as a campaign manager and online sales guru.


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