Business 100

The Business 100 Bundle combines business broadband with guaranteed download speeds of 100Mb, phone lines with no rental and unlimited minutes for Irish and UK fixed line calls. Plus mobile minutes are also included, all for as little as €45 per month.

*minimum contract 12 months with €80 installation fee

At a Glance

  • Static IPs available
  • Calls included
  • Guaranteed speeds
  • No line rental
  • Ireland’s fastest install times

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Business 100 includes:

  • Phone lines with no line rental
  • Unlimited* minutes for local, national and UK fixed lines plus 200 mobile minutes

...With ability to add on

From just €55.99 per month




"We are delighted with our move to Virgin Media both in relation to faster Broadband and exceptional telephone service enabling us to deliver much better service to our own customers and significantly reduced our telecoms costs."


Martin O Hare

CEO - Systemnet Ltd

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