The local Analogue TV channel line-up is reducing to nine channels soon.


To keep watching all of your current channels, you’ll have to switch over to digital Business TV.

This is happening so we can improve the performance and capacity of our broadband network and is the first phase of Digital Switchover in your area. Analogue TV will be switched off completely in your area in 2019. We’ll be in touch nearer the time to tell you how this will affect you.

What you should do now…

Contact us

Call 1800 941 950 and we’ll explain the next steps you need to take


Tell others about the new channel line up

Finally, why not spread the word? Tell your family and friends about the Channel Line Up and ask them to check with us and see if it will affect them.


Frequently Asked Question

Why are we reducing our Analogue TV channel line-up?

We've continued to broadcast our analogue service to customers and businesses for an additional 6 years after the main analogue switch off in 2012. However, reducing our analogue TV channel line-up will free up valuable network capacity that will enable us to improve the broadband experience of all our digital customers.

When will the analogue TV channel reduction happen in my area?

You will be given 6 weeks notice from the date the switch off will happen in your area. After this date the only TV service we will offer in your area will be digital Business TV. If you are paying for more than 20 TV connections your Virgin Media Business Account Manager will be in contact with you to go through your options.

How do I know if I am using Virgin Media’s analogue TV?

You will have one or more TVs on your premises that have a limited selection of channels (between 11 and 20) and these TVs will be connected with a white cable without the use of a digital TV box. There will be a capital A on the bottom left corner of the screen on BBC1 for 5 weeks before the channel reduction. Also for 2 weeks before the channel reduction there will be a scrolling message on RTE1, RTE 2 and BBC1.

If I am using Analogue, what should I do next?

Analogue customers should upgrade to digital Business TV before the channel reduction date to avoid loss of channels. Digital customers who are using the analogue service should add digital Business TV to enjoy 111 digital channels on all their TVs.

Can all Analogue TV customers move to Digital Business TV?

The vast majority of Analogue customers can move to digital Business TV with Virgin Media Business and experience up to 110+ great channels (including HD). The small number that are unable to will be communicated with separately and advised of their options.
There may be cases where having multiple digital set top boxes on your premises is not suitable, (i.e Hospitals, interferes with equipment), and the alternative solution is not within your budget. In these rare cases we will not be able to supply digital Business TV to you.

Will my package increase in cost if I upgrade or Add Virgin Business Digital TV?

In most cases, unfortunately yes, the Virgin Business TV service is more expensive than you may have been paying for Analogue TV. However upgrading to Business Digital TV will mean a far superior Digital product with more channels. Other options for large multi-point sites may be considerably more expensive, each premises will require a bespoke solution, and pricing will be discussed with you before any work is completed.

I just got my bill and paid for next year already and I want to cancel, will I get this money back?

If you have paid your bill, don’t worry we will credit you for all money paid, if you upgrade to digital Business TV or other services on your account the amount will appear as a credit on your next invoice. If you decide not to upgrade to digital Business TV, we will issue a refund for the amount to you, this may take up to 2 months due volume of refunds required.

I currently pay my bill yearly/half yearly, if I move to Digital – will this remain the same?

No, you have to move to monthly payments.

I am a Residential customer, how will this affect me?

Residential customers can contact our dedicated Customer Care team on 1908 and a member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you have

Will my contract be extended if I upgrade to Virgin Business Digital TV?

Existing Analogue TV customers upgrading to digital Business TV will have a new 12 months contract which will commence from the date the digital Business TV is installed.

Existing Analogue TV customers upgrading to other Virgin digital Business TV solutions for large multi-point sites – Will require a new pricing and contract term to be negotiated this will be discussed with your Virgin Media Account Manager.

Existing digital Business TV customers – adding additional set-top boxes will not impact your existing contract

Existing Business Broadband and Phone only customers – If you add Virgin digital Business TV your contract will be extended for 12 months from the date the Virgin digital Business TV is installed.

When will we reduce the analogue channel lineup in others areas?

There is a phased roll out of the channel reduction, with all areas being reduced by the end of 2018.

I’m losing some channels from my analogue service, will my bill reduce?

We are encouraging customers to upgrade to our digital Business TV service where they can receive more channels and services for a slightly increased price. Customers who remain on the analogue service with reduced channels will not receive a price reduction.

How do I make sure I receive all the channels I was receiving on the analogue service if I upgrade to Virgin Business Digital TV?

At the Races is the only channel available in some analogue areas that is not in our Virgin Business TV Pack. If this channel is important then you can add our At The Races Commercial Pack for €30 per month.

My broadband and phone service is currently suspended / in arrears. I use the analogue services in a spare room. I got the letter that I need to add a TV service. Can you do that for me now?

Yes, however You will need to clear your balance before we can upgrade your services.