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How can I set up voicemail on my Virgin Media phone line?

To set up Voicemail you need to call the following codes separately from your phone to activate the diverts to the service: 


Once this is done you can dial 171 to access and set up the service. 171 is used to check messages going forward.  
If at any time you wish to deactivate the service you need to call the following codes separately from your phone: 


Please note: Voicemail is not available while Call Hunting is set up. (Call Hunting is a feature which allows calls to bounce from one line to another when the line dialled is unavailable.) 

How can I set up call-forwarding on my Virgin Media phone line?

To activate call forwarding you need to dial the following from your phone:  


Then dial the full number you want to divert to including the area code. You will hear beeping and the service is active.  

Example: To divert your Virgin Media landline to mobile number 087 1234567 include the full number following the *70 - *700871234567 and then press dial.  

For a fixed desk phone, simply lift the receiver and enter the code followed by the number you require your line forwarded to. 
To deactivate this you need to dial the following code from your phone:  


Please note: Call Forwarding is only available on the main line of a Hunt Group should you have this feature set up. 

I am porting my existing phone number over to Virgin Media. How long will this take?

Porting requests are generally completed within 5 working days depending on the line type.  

Number porting can only proceed upon receipt of a fully completed porting request form and a copy of your most recent provider’s bill.  

If you have requested your numbers to be ported from your old provider, a member of our Porting Team will be in touch over the next few days to organise a time and date for this to be done.  
In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding our porting process please email our Porting Team

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