Mobile FAQs

Using Data with Virgin Business Mobile

Setting up the Internet (data) on your phone

What does APN stand for?

There’s a lot to know about how the Internet works on your mobile, so it’s a good idea to start with the basics. APN stands for Access Point Name, which is simply a setting that allows you access the Internet on your phone. 

What is the Virgin Business Mobile APN?

The Virgin Business Mobile APN is essentially how you access the Internet. If you need help getting it up and running on your phone, please see our Phone Guides, choose your model, and click on the “Internet (APN)” button to the right of the picture. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step.

How do I set up Internet on my phone?

When you put your Virgin Business Mobile SIM into your unlocked phone, you should receive either a text message or configuration message depending on your phone type.

For example, if you have an Apple iPhone, you’ll receive the following message:

“Hi, to use data with Virgin Business Mobile, you will need to install Internet (APN) settings on your phone. To get them, connect to WiFi, click on the link below and choose “Install”.

If you have a phone that supports 'Over The Air' (OTA) Settings, which includes the majority of Samsung, Sony and Motorola devices, you will receive an SMS. Please click “Install” in the message when you receive it.

Once you install the settings your phone should be able to use the Internet.

If you are using a non-OTA Phones, which includes models such as HTC, Microsoft, OnePlus, etc., you will receive the flowing message:

“Hi, to use Data with Virgin Business Mobile, you will need to install Internet (APN) settings on your phone. To get them, Connect to WiFi, click on the link below and choose install.”

This link will bring you to our Phone Guides which will show you how to manually enter your APN. It’s a helpful and handy resource, and should have you up and running in no time. If your phone is not listed, you should refer to the user manual.

I did not receive my Data Settings SMS, what do I do?

When you put a Virgin Business Mobile SIM into a phone for the first time, we immediately send an SMS with the new data settings to get your SIM card going. Depending on the phone or operating system, this SMS text may be tucked away in a sub-folder of your inbox. To find this text, and get full internet access, just follow these simple steps:

1.     Open your mobile phone SMS inbox

2.     Click on the "more" or 'three dot' icon at the top right hand corner of your mobile phone screen. 

3.     Open the newest message with the title "Configuration messages" 

4.     Click the "Install" option at the bottom of the message

Your mobile phone should now be ready to use the internet/data usage.  

I am having trouble setting up internet on my phone, what do I do?

Each customer who joins our network will receive a SMS or configuration message. Just install the settings and you should be good to use internet on your phone. Some phones need to be connected to WiFi to complete this action. So you many need to make sure you’re connected, and try again.

If that doesn't work, you can use our online Phone Guides which will guide you how to set Internet up on your phone. If after all of this, you’re still running into trouble, contact a customer care team member, and they’ll be happy to help.

I have received a configuration message to my phone, what do I do?

In order to use data with Virgin Business Mobile you will need the Internet (APN) settings on your phone. For some phones you will need to be connected to WiFi to complete the setup. Some phones are able to receive configuration messages which contain the Virgin Business Mobile Internet (APN) settings. If you receive a configuration message please click “Install” and the settings will be automatically downloaded to your phone.

My phone is not in your Phone Guides and Internet is not working, what do I do?

If you didn’t receive the configuration message, you’ll need to manually set up your Internet (APN) settings in order to use data with Virgin Business Mobile. The Virgin Business Mobile APN is internet -This will need to be manually typed into the APN field which can be generally found in your phone settings. You can consult your own phone manual for specific model information. This may have been provided with the phone in its packaging. If not, a quick search online should do the trick.

I received the internet settings to my phone and my data is still not working?

If your data is not working, don't worry. You can manually input the Virgin Business Mobile internet (APN) settings into your phone. Please see the options below, depending on what phone type you have to set internet up manually: 

Apple iPhone Manual Data Configuration:

Go to Settings > Cellular (enable) > Cellular Data Network > APNIn the APN field type the word internetPlease power your iPhone off and turn back on again
You should now be able to use data
If you are still unable to use data please go to our device guide, choose your phone make and model and click on Internet (APN) > Set up Internet on your phone 

Android Manual Data Configuration:

Go to Apps > Settings> More Networks> Mobile Data ticked > Access Point Name > Menu Key > New APNIn the Name field type: Virgin Media IrelandIn the APN Field type the word: internetPlease power your phone off and turn back on again
You should now be able to use dataIf you are still unable to use data please go to our Phone Guides, choose your phone make and model and click on Internet (APN) > Set up Internet on your phone
If your phone is not listed please refer to your phone manual 

Windows Phone Manual Data Configuration:

Go to Settings> Mobile + SIM > Data Connection (Enabled)> SIM Settings > Manual Internet APN (Enabled)> Add Internet APN > APNIn the APN Field type the word: internet
Please power your phone off and turn back on again
You should now be able to use data
If you are still unable to use data please go to our Phone Guides, choose your phone make and model and click on Internet (APN) > Set up Internet on your phone

How do I get the best data network experience with Virgin Business Mobile?

To get the best data experience around the Republic of Ireland, you should turn on Data Roaming on your phone. This will ensure that you get the best out of our partner Three’s network.

When you turn on data roaming you might see a roaming icon on your phone screen, but don’t worry, you won’t see data roaming charges on your bill. Just remember to switch off data roaming if you want to avoid data charges when you’re travelling abroad outside of the EU.

To find out how to turn on or off data roaming on your phone please see our handy Phone Guides. Once you find your phone choose Roaming > How to disable data roaming and you will be set up in no time.

Virgin Business Mobile coverage and network

To be added

What can I do with 40GB of data?

Our Unlimited Plans give customers up to 40GB of data. To put how much data that is in context, you would have to:

1. Send 26,666 E-Mails
2. Browse 8,000 webpages
3. Spend 267 hours on social media
4. Watch 12 Netflix movies or over 13 hours of YouTube videos
5. And stream Spotify for over 9 days

What can I do with 5GB of data?

5GB of Mobile Data equates to ONE of the following:

•  Sending 50,000 E-Mails
•  Browsing 3000 webpages
•  Spending 250 hours on social media
•  Watch 5 Netflix SD movie or 5 hours of YouTube videos
•  Streaming Spotify for 5 days

Setting up the Internet (data) on your phone

Information on Your Mobile Plan

What’s included in Virgin Business Mobile’s Voom price plans?

Short Answer: A lot. Long Answer: Unlimited 4G data in the ROI subject to the terms set out in our Acceptable Usage Policy which can be found here. Unlimited calls that you can use within the Republic of Ireland to call any national mobile or landline or when roaming in the EU to call other EU mobile or landline numbers and US/Canada numbers if included in your plan. Subject to a “Fair Usage Policy” of 10,000 minutes per month. Unlimited texts that you can use within the Republic of Ireland to text any national mobile or when Roaming in the EU to text other EU mobiles. Subject to a “Acceptable Usage Policy” of 10,000 texts per month. After these more-than-generous limits, customers will be charged per unit at standard rates.

What contract lengths are there with Virgin Business Mobile’s price plans?

Virgin Business Mobile's SIM-Only price plans have a 30 day contract, and our other Voom Mobile price plans have 12 month contracts. We think that’s a big plus. You’re not locked into a lengthy contract, and can change your plan to meet your needs. All contracts have a 30 day notice period. Check them out here.

Do you have special pricing for Virgin Business Mobile if I sign up to Virgin Media TV and broadband too?

Yes, if you bundle Virgin Business Mobile with our other services you’ll get a discount.

How can I pay for my Virgin Business Mobile price plan?

All Virgin Business Mobile customers will need to pay their bill by Direct Debit.

What are the costs for using services on my phone outside of my bundle?

We suggest you review the full list of out of bundle rates. Remember, with our Voom Mobile contracts, you can change your plan as long as you give us 30 days' notice.

Can I use premium rate voice services?

Of course, but there may be some restrictions in place due to operator capability and they cannot be used when Roaming. You will be charged at per minute rates outside of your bundle minutes. Again, we suggest reviewing our out of bundle rates.

Can I use premium rate text services?

Yes. The majority of premium rate text (short-code) services are available to Virgin Business Mobile customers.

You can check the rates for short code text services here.

How do I call my mobile voicemail from a landline?

That’s really simple, just follow the steps below:

Dial 353896191171 from your landline (if calling from abroad you will need to add a + sign or 00 before dialling the numbers)
On the call you’ll be requested to enter your MSISDN - this is your mobile phone number.
You will then be requested to enter a PIN - follow the instructions on the call and the PIN will be sent to you by SMS.
You’ll then receive the PIN by SMS.Enter the PINVoicemail access will be given
You can now access your mobile voicemail from within Ireland or from abroad.

Can I send and receive picture messages (MMS)?

Unfortunately not. MMS messages are not supported on Virgin Business Mobile. But this is no deal-breaker, as there are several apps available which will allow you to share photos. Pop by the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store, and find your perfect fit.

Can I receive text messages from Service Providers?

Yes. Text messages from the majority of Service Providers are successfully received by Virgin Business Mobile subscribers. These are typically marketing or service messages, for example a code sent by your bank to validate a new payee on your account.

However, because we're a new network, occasionally a Service Provider SMS doesn't route correctly to our network. Whenever this is brought to our attention we take the necessary steps to work with the Service Provider to resolve the issue.

Your Phone & SIM Delivery

Virgin Business Mobile order and tracking

How do I receive my Virgin Business Mobile Order? 

All Virgin Business Mobile Orders are delivered by our courier company, Nightline. Shortly after you have placed your order, they’ll send you an email and SMS text to outline your delivery date. You have the opportunity to change the delivery details, including the destination and date up to 10pm on the day you placed your order. Security is a priority for us, and for Nightline too. If you have ordered a Virgin Business Mobile Phone you will be sent a 4 Digit Code via email and SMS. You will need this to be able to accept the delivery from the courier once they arrive. If you have ordered a Virgin Business Mobile SIM Only, you will not receive a 4 digit code.Remember, Virgin Business Mobile does not charge for delivery. If you have any queries on your delivery, please call Nightline couriers on 1890 341 818.

I haven't received my Virgin Business Mobile Order. Who do I contact?

You should have receive an email and SMS text from our courier company shortly after you place your order. You should also receive a text message and email on the morning of your delivery.

If you’re concerned, you can check the status of your order at with the tracking ID provided on the order confirmation email. You can also speak with a representative by visiting their support page.

You can read more about how to track your order below, or learn how to change your delivery date or address.

How do I track my Virgin Business Mobile SIM order?

You can track your delivery by simply clicking on the link you received in the text message. This URL address is unique to you and will take you to a personalised page with your delivery details. On that page you can change the delivery date or address, or you may arrange to collect the SIM from your local depot.

If the delivery date or time doesn’t work, you can change it to fit your schedule.
If you need support on your delivery, contact 1890 341 818. A team is available to help from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 12:30pm.

How do I know I will get the right SIM card for my phone?

You will receive a SIM which has three different sizes included in one - Standard, Micro and Nano. Please ensure that you use the correct sized SIM card for your phone. If you're unsure what size SIM your phone needs, you can have a look at the device specification for your phone in our Phone Guides.

How can I change the delivery date or address of my Virgin Business Mobile Order?

Your Virgin Business Mobile SIM will be delivered by our courier service Nightline, who send an email and a text message to confirm the delivery date. Here’s an example of a text message you will receive:

The email and text message contain a unique tracking ID and a website link. When you click on the link, you will be brought to your own personal webpage where you can reschedule the delivery date or change the delivery address.

Once you click on the link you will arrive at a screen where you will be asked to enter your mobile number and confirm. See image below:

Once you confirm your number, click “Submit” and you’ll arrive at the screen below:If you are happy with the delivery date then don’t do a thing, just wait for the order to arrive as detailed in the SMS.

If you need to make a change, you can select “Change Delivery Day” or “Change Delivery Address”.

Once you click on a button just enter the required new details, and click “Submit”. After you have made a change, Nightline will send you another email and text message on the day to confirm the time of the delivery, which is a two hour window:

"Today's the day! Your Virgin Media order will be delivered by Nightline between **** to ****. To reschedule visit or call 1890341818"Please note that the courier will always email and text and not call to confirm the delivery. Nightline Support is available by calling 1890 341 818 between 09:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday, and 8:30 - 12:30 on Saturdays.

Your Mobile Phone

Why can’t I get the advertised price?

Pricing is subject to an application check, but this will only affect the upfront cost, not the overall cost. In fact, the higher the upfront payment, the less you pay on your monthly phone charge.

What is the Application Check?

The Virgin Business Mobile Application Check is an internal process used by us to review your application details, along with other checks typically used by Irish Mobile Operators. Don't worry, no data from third parties is used and we don't share your details externally.

Can I pay my phone off early?

Our Voom Mobile Contracts let you pay off your phone as early as you want. At the end of the period you choose, you’ll only pay for the service.You can also pay off your phone in one go, and then you’re free to get the latest and greatest model, while enjoying the nationwide service Virgin Business Mobile offers.

How do I know if my phone is locked?

If you have a Virgin Business Mobile SIM, simply pop it into your phone. If you get an error message, your phone is still locked. Visit our unlocking guide for further information.

Can I use a phone from my previous network provider?

Absolutely, but you will need to make sure that your handset is unlocked before you're able to use your Virgin Business Mobile SIM in it. You can go to our unlocking guide for further information on how to request your unlocking code, depending on the network provider.

Account, billing and managing your account

How can I pay my bill?

All customers pay their monthly mobile bill by Direct Debit.

What period does my monthly bill cover?

You are billed per calendar month, with a payment term of 30 days.

Can I change my Direct Debit details?

If you would like to change your Direct Debit details, just drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to get you sorted.

How do I Register for Your Mobile Portal?

You’ll be sent an email with your registration details. If you haven’t got these, just contact us and we’ll sort it for you. 

What you need to know about Theft, Fraud and Failure to Pay.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare when you’ve just got a shiny new phone. Then you check your bag or pocket, and… gone! Considering they’re among our most valued items, it’s no surprise that 15 phones are stolen in Ireland every day, according to recent Garda figures. 

If it happens to you, don’t panic. Get in touch with Virgin Business Mobile Care team right away. As soon as you report it, we’ll block your SIM card so it can’t be used. We won’t be able to reactivate the SIM if you find the phone again, but we can send you a new SIM and reactivate your old number. Phew! 

If you give us the IMEI of the phone that was lost or stolen, we’ll bar the phone from use on any network in the Republic of Ireland. We do this by inputting your IMEI device number to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). This is what’s known as blacklisting your phone. As well as theft, sometimes we have to deal with customers who won’t pay for their phones. So if we suspect fraud related to the phone, or if your phone account goes through collections and payment is outstanding on the device we may also place the phone’s IMEI on the CEIR.

Found your phone? Or want to resume payment on your account? Great! Just contact us and… bye bye blacklist! We’ll take your phone off the CEIR and you’ll be free to use it again anywhere you choose.

General information and troubleshooting

My iMessages are not being delivered with my ported in number, how can I fix this?

To resolve this issue please carry out the steps below:

1.  Go into “settings” on the iPhone

2.  Click on “messages” 

3.  Click on “send & receive” 

4.  Enter the ported mobile number and save

What is a PUK number? How do I get mine?

Phone blocked? That’s OK, it’s more common than you think – which is why the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) was developed. If you entered your SIM number incorrectly more than three times in a row, the phone will become blocked. In order to start again, all you have to do is enter the PUK, which is printed on the SIM pack which you would have received with your SIM. Keep it safe as you may need it if your phone gets blocked again. If you lose it, you can retrieve your PUK code by contacting us.

Where can I find my Virgin Business Mobile numbers?

You’ll find your Virgin Business Mobile numbers listed in your bill, on your SIM pack and in Your Mobile Portal.

My SIM card isn't working. How do I get a new one?

If your SIM card isn’t working, you can log into Your Mobile Portal to request a replacement SIM or contact us and we can send you out a new SIM card by post if you need one. Before you do, it’s a good idea to try your SIM in a different, unlocked phone to see if it needs to be replaced.

How can I change my personal account details?

To change your personal account details, simply log on to Your Mobile Portal. There, you’ll be able to change your contact information, address, email address and more.

What do I do if my SIM card and phone have been lost or stolen?

You can log into Your Mobile Portal to report it stolen. It's best to contact us straight away, so we can stop any unauthorised usage from occurring on your account. We can also issue a new SIM so you can continue to use your mobile number with Virgin Business Mobile.

My Virgin Business Mobile phone is not working and I bought it less than 28 days ago, what do I do?

If you bought a Samsung, Sony or Microsoft phone from us and your phone has a fault within 28 days of you receiving it, you can return it and we’ll be glad to replace the model you bought (Unfortunately, we can’t swap your Virgin Business Mobile phone for a different model).

Just give the Virgin Business Mobile Care Team a call, and they will get your details, talk through the fault and arrange for collection of the phone.

Once we confirm there is no damage to the phone, we will arrange a replacement and get it out to you as fast as we can.

If you have bought an Apple phone from us, and it is faulty, you can call our Business Mobile team, and we will organise for it to go out for repair.

Once all the required details have been logged, we will send a courier out to you to collect your phone the following day. We should have it back to you working within 5 working days, providing there are no parts issues, which may increase this time.

You can also return the iPhone directly to Apple. Visit the Apple website for more information on their return policy.

How do I set up call waiting?

Call waiting is brilliant to have – and easy to activate. Just type *43# and hit the call button. To de-activate, dial #43#.

How do I insure my Virgin Business Mobile Phone?

With how much we depend on our phones, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If you're unfortunate enough to damage or lose your phone, or to have it stolen, mobile insurance can provide peace of mind that replacement costs will be covered.

To learn more, or find the best way to insure your phone, click here.

My Virgin Business Mobile phone is not working. What can I do?

Don't worry, we are here to help. Below are some steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the problem.

1.  Power the phone off and then turn it back on. Obvious we know, but for some phones resetting the software can fix many issues. For an iPhone you will need to hold down the lock power button for a couple of seconds until you see the Apple logo.

2.  Check for the latest version of software. Our Mobile Handset Guides can help you synchronise with your computer to get the latest updates and help you if you are experiencing issues with setting up any features.

Still having issues? Call our Business Mobile Team and we’ll get you sorted.

Moving your Number to Virgin

What is a PUK number? How do I get mine?

Switching to Virgin Business Mobile is simple - you can request to move your number online here (; move your number any time after you receive your SIM.  

Our current porting hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday-Friday.. If you’d like to get in touch ( ) we can arrange a time that suits you. 

What happens if I cancel my Virgin Business Mobile Plan or move my Virgin Business Mobile number to another operator? 

If you cancel your Virgin Business Mobile Plan to move to another operator, we ask for 30 days’ notice and if you’re still within your contract period, you’ll need to pay the remainder. 

What do I need to do, to move my number to Virgin Business Mobile? 

Make sure you’ve read the below before moving your number:  

  1. Test the Virgin Media SIM Card in your Phone to ensure it works and your phone is unlocked. 
  2. Have you ensured all your contacts are backed up on your current phone?   
  3. You’ll lose any voicemails associated with your current phone and any credit remaining on the old number if you were Prepay. 
  4. We’ll need the name of the mobile network you were with. (If your network is Three but you are unsure whether to use Three or O2 as your current operator, you can send the keyword PROVIDER to 50202 and it will respond with either Three or O2)   
  5. Your Virgin Business Mobile number - it's on the letter you would have received with your SIM pack.  

If you are a bill pay customer - Your account number for the number you want to move, it's on your bill.

Do I have to move my existing phone number to Virgin Business Mobile? 

Absolutely not, it's completely up to you. Your SIM will come with a new 089 Virgin Business Mobile number ready to use.  

Read a step by step guide on how to move your number once you receive your Mobile SIM at the first answer at the top of this page.

Roaming with your Virgin Business Mobile

Can I roam with my Virgin Business Mobile plan? 

You can now use your Virgin Business Mobile allowance anywhere in the EU with Roam Free with EU Roaming Included. This means that while you’re travelling in an EU country, you’ll be able to use your Virgin Business Mobile allowance of minutes, texts and data, just as you would at home subject to fair use limits.   

You don't need to activate roaming on your Virgin Business Mobile Plan, but you may need to follow a few simple steps to use data, check out our phone guides page.

How to set up your phone for Data Roaming?  

The first time you try to use the Internet abroad, you may experience delays. One of the ways to resolve this is by manually entering in your Internet (APN) settings. Check out the step-by-step instructions on our interactive phone guides page.

What are the rates to use my Virgin Business Mobile phone outside of the EU?  

That depends on which country you’re roaming around. To see a list of rates and read more details, visit our roaming charges page.

How can I check my voicemail when abroad? 

To check your voicemail when you’re abroad, dial 171 or dial directly into your voice mailbox by adding a 5 after your prefix e.g. +353 89 5xxxxxxx. At this point, you’ll be asked to enter your voicemail PIN. You can set up your voicemail PIN by dialling 171 from your handset and selecting option 3 from the main menu. 
Please note that if you retrieve a voicemail while abroad you will incur roaming charges. You can turn off your voicemail by dialling 171 and following the prompts. 

How do I manually select a network abroad?  

Different devices require different steps, visit our Phone Guides page where you can look up specific instructions. Just follow the link, choose your model, follow the prompts, and you’ll be good to go. 

How can I control my data costs when going abroad?  

There are a few ways to make sure you don’t use your data while roaming. The most effective way is by switching off Data Roaming. Different mobile phones have different ways to do this, so please check out our Phone Guide.

Is there a Data Roaming limit applied to my Virgin Business Mobile account?  

Yes, there is a default data roaming limit of €50 (ex VAT), which is automatically applied to your Virgin Business Mobile account. If you reach this limit when roaming, your data roaming will stop working, unless you opt to remove this data roaming limit.

Also, there is an overall account spend credit limit of €100 ex vat per subscriber, unless already agreed otherwise. You can contact the B2B Care team to extend this account credit limit if required. Visit our contact page, speak to a member of our team, and we’ll make sure your trip is data-worry-free. 

Will Virgin notify me of my data spend when I am using data abroad?  

Absolutely. We will send you two text messages: one when you have reached 80% of your data roaming limit, and another when you have used the full €50 (ex VAT) worth of data abroad.  You will receive a further message if you reach your overall account spend limit to contact us again, if required.

Will my mobile service work in all countries?  

 Our job is to keep our customers connected. To see a list of international destinations where Virgin Business Mobile works – and the charges associated with each – visit our roaming destinations and charges page.   

Can I remove roaming from my account?  

You can remove roaming from your account at any time. Just contact us and we’ll make the change for you. 

How can I contact Customer Care when I am abroad? 

To contact Customer Care when you’re overseas, dial +353 896191908 from your Virgin Business Mobile phone. 

How much does it cost with Virgin Business Mobile to roam in the EU? 

Roam Like At Home means that EU roaming is included in your plan so you can now use the inclusive minutes and texts in your plan while roaming in the EU at no extra cost. For example, if you are roaming in France you can call or text home, call or text another number in France or even another number in a third European Country just like you do at home. These calls and texts come out of your inclusive allowance and once you use up your inclusive allowance either at home or in the EU you will be charged out standard out of package rates.  If you are on one of our 5GB plans you can also use all of your inclusive data allowance while roaming in the EU at no extra cost. 
If you are on one of our unlimited plans, you can use at least the following allowance when you are in the EU without incurring any additional charge.  

  1. 38.9GB for VOOM Unlimited Plan
  2. 61.2GB for VOOM International Plan
  3. 27.8GB for VOOM Unlimited Loyalty Plan
  4. 44.5GB for VOOM International Loyalty Plan

If you are roaming in the EU on any of the above plans and you go over your inclusive allowance for voice and text, you will be charged our standard out-of-package rates. If you go over your EU Data Roaming Allowance you will be charged an EU roaming data surcharge. All of our rates and surcharges can be found here

How do I avoid data charges while roaming? 

The most effective method of controlling data costs when you're abroad outside of the EU is by switching off Data Roaming. However, be sure to turn this back on when you come back to Ireland so you can use the Virgin Business Mobile network most effectively. This can be done via the settings menu of your phone. See our Phone Guides for further instructions for your specific handset. 

Where can I view roaming usage and charges? 

Visit your Business Mobile Admin Portal to view your roaming usage and charges. We’ve made it really easy to keep track of your data usage while roaming in the EU.  You can see your EU Roaming Fair Usage Data Limit, how much EU Roaming Fair Usage Data you have consumed and how much EU Roaming Fair Usage Data you have left until the end of your bill period. 

Virgin Business Mobile Returns and Repairs

My phone is faulty, I have had it over 28 days and it's still covered under the manufacturer warranty.

  1. Don't worry, we’re here to help. Below are some steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the problem:  
    Power the phone off and then turn it back on. Obvious we know, but for some phones, resetting the software can fix many issues. For an iPhone, you will need to hold down the lock power button for a couple of seconds until you see the Apple logo. 
  2. Check for the latest version of software. Our Mobile Handset Guides can help you synchronise with your computer to get the latest updates.
  3. If you are experiencing issues with setting up a feature, visit our handy Mobile Handset Guides ( for step by step instructions on how to solve any problems  

Still having issues? Call our Mobile Care team on 1908. They’ll take all your details and schedule a repair. Once all the required details have been logged, we’ll send a courier out to you to collect your phone the following day. We should have it back to you within 5 working days, providing there are no parts issues which may increase this time. 

What do I need to do before I return a faulty mobile phone? 

Before you return a faulty phone, please be sure you’ve backed everything up. All of the stored data from mobile phones is removed while repairing them, which means any pictures and contacts you’ve saved will be lost. Also remove any security passwords/apps that you may have, we won't be able to repair your mobile if we can't use it!  

Less important, but still fairly important: Remember also to remove your SIM card, any memory card, phone covers or screen protectors. 

How long is my Virgin Business Mobile phone covered under warranty? 

That depends – different phone manufacturers have different lengths. For instance, Apple iPhones have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Samsung, Sony and Microsoft have a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.  
More details can be found in the booklet that came with your phone or on the manufacturer's website. If you’d like to be issued a proof of purchase, feel free to contact our team – they’ll be happy to help. 

I want to unlock my Virgin Business Mobile phone, how do I do it? 

We like to keep things nice and simple. If you have bought a mobile phone from Virgin Business Mobile, your phone is already unlocked. There’s no need for a special a code, you’re ready to go. 

Can I return my Virgin Business Mobile phone? 

If you have bought a phone from us online or over the phone, you can get a full refund on your Virgin Business Mobile phone within 14 days of the purchase. Cancel a contract or get a full refund on a phone within 14 days of purchase here

Please remember, you must not open or use the phone, otherwise we will not be able to give you the full refund. If you have taken a SIM card, and are also returning this, you will be charged any usage outside of your plan allowance. Get in touch with us to organise your phone return.  

When you contact us, we will capture all of the information about you and your phone and we will arrange a collection from you within 24 hours at a place that suits you. If you miss the collection, it is your responsibility to get the phone back to our repair partner within 14 days of you getting in touch, otherwise we will not be able to process your refund. We recommend that you register the parcel so that you can track it.  

Once we receive the phone, we’ll make sure it hasn’t been opened, and we’ll reverse all mobile phone payments within 14 days of receipt of the phone.

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