IAS Switching

What is Internet Access Switching (IAS)?  

All internet providers in Ireland should offer internet access switching and give you the option to switch your internet service when you join. If you do opt-in and you provide the relevant details your new provider will notify your old provider on your behalf to let them know that you want to cease internet service. 


How do I opt in for Internet Access Switching?   

When you are ordering your new Virgin Media Business internet service we’ll give you the option for Virgin Media Business to switch your internet service on your behalf. You can do this at the time of ordering, or if you don’t have all the details to hand then you can still do it anytime your new service is live. We’ll provide the information you’ll need in your contract.  


What information do I need to give for switching?  

You will need to be the account holder of your existing service and provide the following information if opting in and providing your consent for broadband switching.  

  • For Internet: provider name, account number, service reference number/ID (where it is on your bill) & Eircode/first line of address.  
  • For Landline Phone Numbers you’ll also need: Universal account number (UAN) & Customer account number/customer ID & number to be ported.  

There can be slight differences on how to opt-in: 

  • Call: When you are ordering your new service over the phone, our agents will ask if you want to opt-in for internet switching. 
  • Paper: You can also complete a paper customer authorisation form (CAF) and return this to your Account Manager.
  • Electronic: Once you receive your contract there will be details of how you can opt-in for switching. There will be a link to an electronic customers authorisation form (eCaf)

What is a Service ID/Access Service Reference Number? 

A Service ID/Access Service Reference also known as a Circuit Reference Number (CRN) is a specific identifier that links the internet connection to the address/premises where the service is provided.   This is a unique identifier common for fixed internet connections and may sometimes be used for mobile broadband connections. If available, this will assist your current provider with identifying the specific internet connection that they need to cease. 


How do I identify the Service ID/Access Service Reference Number? 

The Service ID/access service reference number if available can be located on your current provider’s bill. Depending on which network provider you are with, you may see this referred to in the following ways:  

  • A Circuit Reference Number (CRN) or where no CRN is available, enter the Universal Account Number (UAN) or for older generation broadbands the associated account fixed number  
  • Siro network - SIXX number followed by 8 digits. 
  • Other providers may refer to a Line ID, premise ID or Service ID. 
  • Mobile broadband connections - may be a unique mobile broadband number (like a mobile phone 087,083,085,089 number). 

What if I don’t have the correct information handy when I sign-up? 

Don’t worry, you can still provide your switching details after your order is processed. All of the instructions on how to do this will be in your contract. You’ll need the account number or sales order number that’s in your contract. We encourage you to submit your switching details as soon as possible so that we can process the switch as soon as your new broadband service is live. 


Can I also port my landline phone service along with my internet service? 

Yes. You can do this while you are completing the Customer Authorisation Form (CAF). Then once your new internet service is live this port will be completed. 


Can I cancel my landline phone service as part of my internet switch request? 

Yes, we can facilitate requesting the cease of your landline phone service with your current provider as part of the internet switching process. Both your landline phone number and internet service must be on the same account.  


Will I lose service during switching? 

No, we won’t notify your old provider to cease services until your Virgin Media Business internet service is live. 


What happens when I switch internet? 

Step 1: Your new Virgin Media Business internet service is activated. You will need to make sure your network equipment is connected to your new Virgin Media service as soon as possible.
Step 2 (if also requested) We will request your Landline Phone number to be ported or ceased  
Step 3: We will issue a cease of internet request to your previous provider on your behalf. This step should take a max of 8 working hours to complete, as long as you have provided the correct switching information. 


Do I need to cancel with my current provider before opting in for internet access switching? 

No, if you’ve opted in for switching and provided all your details to Virgin Media Business then we can take care of this on your behalf. If you chose not to avail of switching with us, then you will need to contact your current provider to cancel service with them yourself. 


If I decide to switch my internet, will I lose other services? 

Services you may have with your current internet service provider, may also cease once you switch if they are reliant on your broadband. Such services may include fixed voice on voip, TV, cloud-based services, SIP Trunks, hosted email, static IP addresses, amongst other services).