Virgin Media – Sales Confirmation Corrective Statement

Virgin Media is obliged by law to provide its customers with a confirmation of their contract on a durable medium. Typically, this would be done by e-mail or hard copy in the post. This allows our customers to understand their rights and obligations associated with the services they have subscribed to.


During an investigation carried out by electronic communications regulator, ComReg, it was found by ComReg that in the period November 2015 - April 2016, 26,046 of Virgin Media’s customers were not provided with such confirmations.


Unfortunately this means these customers were not given all of the information to fully understand the rights and terms associated with the services they signed up to.


We unreservedly accept that this is a significant error on our part and should never have occurred. ComReg requires us to publish this statement on our website outlining the error and also that we get in touch with each of the customers affected. We have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again in the future.


We will be getting in touch with any customers who were directly impacted over the coming weeks to rectify this error and provide a confirmation of their contract, setting out the terms required by the relevant consumer rules, as is their legal entitlement.

Why have I received an email/letter from you regarding confirmation of my contract terms with Virgin Media for a previous order?

We are obliged by law to provide customers who contract with us via distance means (eg telesales or online) with confirmation of their contract by email or letter. Due to a systems error, some customers did not receive their complete contract communication during the period 15 November 2015 – 16 April 2016. This came to light during a recent Comreg investigation.

How do I know if I’ve been impacted by this issue?

We are sending each customer impacted an email/letter explaining the situation and providing each customer with their contract terms and conditions.


Will my services or bill be impacted by this issue?

No, your services and bill are unaffected by this issue. Customers who did not receive the correct email/letter will be sent a new communication confirming the details of their contract and their rights and obligations.

Does this change my contract with Virgin Media?

No, your contract will remain unaffected, but if you do receive an email/letter from us you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period to review the terms of your contract.

Where can I find my Virgin Media terms & conditions?

You can review your terms and conditions at

Can I change my services now?

If you want to change your current services, please contact our Customer Care Team on 1908 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday or at They are always happy to help.