Storm Ophelia Update

Updated 15:34 17/10/2017

Since yesterday’s storm Ophelia, our network and technical teams have been working around the clock to restore service where it’s feasible and safe to do so. While we are still assessing the final extent of storm damage across our network we can confirm that due to the quick response by Virgin Media staff, we maintained connectivity to the vast majority of our customer base.

At this stage the majority of remaining issues correspond with ESB network outages, and a small minority are due to damage to our networks.

To check the status of your service please visit

Updated 09:50 17/10/2017

Following yesterday’s storm Ophelia, we are aware of a number of Electricity network outages throughout the country that may also be affecting our services and isolated parts of our network infrastructure.

Over the course of today, and the coming days, our crews will be dispatched to affected areas to restore service as quickly as possible. For further updates please continue to check this page for the latest information.

Updated 21:25 16/10/2017

Our crews have been working round the clock to minimise the impact of storm Ophelia today and will continue to monitor into the early hours.


Safety is our top priority so it may be possible that some of you in may be still be without service.


We will endeavour to restore your service as quickly as possible but only when it’s safe to do so.


Further updates will be posted here tomorrow morning.

Updated 09:44 16/10/2017

Given the current red status weather warning, Virgin Media expects a number of outages to occur across our network today due to storm damage and ESB outages which may leave many of our customers without service.  


Our office will remain open but in the interest of safety first and foremost to our staff,  it will be limited in order to provide support where it is safe and appropriate.


We would encourage customers not to call us today unless their fault is related to damaged cables and important to note, do not touch any fallen or damaged cable,  as it may be an ESB cable.


To reassure our customers, we will do everything we can to restore service as quickly as we can but only when it is safe to do so. 

Updated 23:49 15/10/2017

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