Free Access to Bitbuzz WiFi hotspots with Virgin Media.

  • Get connected using any smartphone.
  • Experience superfast internet access on all Bitbuzz hotspots in Ireland and the UK. Sweet! 

What do I need?

1. Are you a Virgin Media customer? Great!

2. Make sure your phone has WiFi switched on.

Bitbuzz frequently asked questions

What's Bitbuzz?

Bitbuzz is a 100% Virgin Media owned WiFi network that provides hotspots to hotels, airports, cafés, pubs and other locations right across Ireland and the UK.

How can I get Bitbuzz with Virgin Media?

Bitbuzz access is free to all Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media Broadband customers. You just need a WiFi capable phone.


You’ll need to register your phone the first time you use it on the Bitbuzz network. How? Just open a browser on your phone and you’ll see the registration page. Click ‘Virgin Media’, Virgin Mobile number, your Virgin Media phone number or account number and accept the T&Cs. Now you’re good to go.


You’re free to access all Bitbuzz hotspots in Ireland and the UK. Yippee!


What Virgin Media Plans include Bitbuzz?

All Broadband plans. Whether you’re new to Virgin Media or already with us, you get unlimited WiFi access from Bitbuzz.

How do I find out where there is Bitbuzz Coverage?

Wherever you are, you won’t be far from a Bitbuzz hotspot. We’re at Insomnia, Costa, Applegreen and hundreds of other outlets around Ireland and the UK. Check out our Bitbuzz Coverage Map here.

I've changed phones. How do I get Bitbuzz now?

No problem. Just register your new phone on the Bitbuzz network the first time you use it.

Help, I can’t connect to Bitbuzz!

First, make sure that your phone’s WiFi is switched on. Still not working? Call us on 1908 and we’ll do all we can to help.


I’m not on Virgin Media any more. Can I still get Bitbuzz?

Absolutely. If you’re no longer a Virgin Media customer, you can still access Bitbuzz but you may need to pay.