Important Notice for customers who currently receive their TV service through MMDS

We contacted Virgin Media customers in early January 2016 to advise what was happening and what the next steps would be.

Important news about your TV services

It’s never easy to say goodbye. We've loved bringing you TV service, but now we need to give you notice that this service will be closing down from April 18th 2016. 


Why is this happening?


Known as MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System) it is a broadcast TV platform that Virgin Media (formerly UPC) acquired when it purchased both Chorus (2004) and NTL in 2005. The service was primarily set up to provide TV to customers outside of our cable network, typically in rural areas.


The MMDS TV service was provided under a 2.6Ghz spectrum licence granted by ComReg (the Commission for Communications Regulation).


From April 18th the licence expired and we are required to shut down the service.


Still unsure? Check out a number of prepared questions and answers for your information.

MMDS Shutdown helpful answers

What do I have to do with my account?

You don’t need to do anything with your account now. We will automatically close your account after April 18th, 2016. If you did manage to arrange to get a replacement service before April 18th, just ensure you contact us via the Early Cancellation Form below and let us know – we'll be happy to close your account and refund any money that might be due to you.

Why are you cancelling my service?

The licence that we held allowed us to transmit TV in your area expired on April 18th 2016. We have renewed this licence in the past but unfortunately from April 2016, it will no longer be available to us for renewal. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, it is really out of our control.

I currently pay by Direct Debit, do I need to cancel this?

This is not necessary, because the service is no longer in operation your billing has automatically stopped, which means that we won’t approach your bank after sending out your final bill (if applicable). You can, of course, contact your bank to cancel the direct debit after your final bill, if you wish. 

What will I do with the box and remote control etc.?

We don't need to collect the box so you can dispose of your set top box and remote control at any WEEE Recycling centre, usually your local County Council recycling centre. You can find a list of centres on

I just got my bill and paid for next month (3 months/year) already…will I get this money back?

If you have paid your bill past the cancellation date, don’t worry we will refund you for all money paid past the 18th April, 2016. 

I am a Business customer, how will this affect me?

Business customers can contact our dedicated Business TV support team on 1800 923 003 and a member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I am still seeing pictures from my service – I thought you shut it down?

You are most likely seeing recordings on your box that’s all. These will go over the next few weeks. The service is 100% shut down. 


What are my options? Where can I get a similar TV service?

Don't worry, we're not going to leave you stranded. If you'd like a service that is similar to what you've enjoyed with us there are a number of places you can get more information. You can try comparison websites or or you can contact your local area TV dealer. Below are some examples of good places to look.

Call the comparison site on telephone 0818 919444 or visit the site to check for the best available deals.

Call the comparison site on telephone 1800 930256 or visit the site to check for the best available deals.


Golden Pages

Contact your local electrical store or TV dealer who can give you list of options – use Directory Enquiries (11888) or Golden Pages to find your local TV dealer.

Early Cancellation Form

You can cancel your service before April 18th. We suggest that once you have your alternative service installed, that you contact us then so we can stop your billing for Virgin Media. We can also arrange a refund of any payment you may have made in advance. It would be a good idea to make sure your new service is up and running before you cancel your Virgin Media service, so your TV viewing is not disrupted.


Click the form below if you wish to cancel your service.