Virgin Mobile Returns and Repairs

My phone is faulty, I have had it over 28 days and it's still covered under the manufacturer warranty.

That’s terrible news. Don't worry though, we are here to help. Below are some steps you can take to make sure that there isn't a small glitch with your phone:

1. Power the phone off and then turn it back on. Obvious we know, but for some phones, resetting the software can fix many issues. For an iPhone, you will need to hold down the lock power button for a couple of seconds until you see the Apple logo.

2. Check for the latest version of software. Our Mobile Handset Guides can help you synchronise with your computer to get the latest updates.

3. If you are experiencing issues with setting up a feature, visit our handy Mobile Handset Guides for step by step instructions on how to solve any problems

Still having issues? Call our Mobile Care team on 1908. They’ll take all your details and schedule a repair. Once all the required details have been logged, we’ll send a courier out to you to collect your phone the following day. We should have it back to you within 5 working days, providing there are no parts issues which may increase this time.

What do I need to do before I return a faulty mobile phone?

Before you return a faulty phone, please be sure you’ve backed everything up. All data is removed from mobile phones when they are returned to us, so make sure and copy all those important pics and contacts. All of the stored data from mobile phones are removed while repairing them, which means any pictures and contacts saved will be lost. Also remove any security passwords/apps that you may have, we won't be able to repair your mobile if we can't use it!

Less important, but still fairly important: Remember also to remove your SIM card, any memory card, phone covers or screen protectors.

How long is my Virgin Mobile phone covered under warranty?

That depends – different phone manufacturers have different lengths. For instance, Apple iPhones have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Samsung, Sony and Microsoft have a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.

More details can be found in the booklet that came with your phone or on the manufacturer's website. And you can see the details of your warranty start and end dates in My Virgin Media. If you’d like to be issued a proof of purchase, feel free to call our Mobile Care team on 1908 – they’ll be happy to help.

I want to unlock my Virgin Mobile phone, how do I do it?

We like to keep things nice and simple. If you have purchased a mobile phone from Virgin Mobile, your phone is already unlocked. There’s no need for a special a code, you’re ready to go.

Can I return my Virgin Mobile phone?

If you have bought a phone from us online or over the phone, you can get a full refund on your Virgin Mobile phone within 14 days of the purchase. All of this can be done online by clicking here.

Please remember, you must not open or use the phone, otherwise we will not be able to give you the full refund. If you have taken a SIM card, and are also returning this, you will be charged any usage outside of your plan allowance. Get in touch with our guys in Mobile Care on 1908 or go our contact page to organise your phone return.

When you contact us, we will capture all of the information about you and your phone and we will arrange a collection from you within 24 hours at a place that suits you. If you miss the collection, it is your responsibility to get the phone back to our repair partner within 14 days of you getting in touch, otherwise we will not be able to process your refund. We recommend that you register the parcel so that you can track it.

Once we receive the phone, we’ll make sure it hasn’t been opened, and then reach out to reverse all of the mobile phone payments within 14 days of receipt of the phone.

If you bought the phone in a retail outlet we do not operate a change of mind policy and therefore will not be able to accept it back.