Virgin Mobile coverage and network


Which Mobile network does Virgin Mobile use?

Virgin Mobile uses Three’s network. Which means we get access to one of the biggest networks in Ireland and can deliver 99.9% population coverage for voice calls, plus 99% coverage for 3G data services and 97.6% for 4G services.

Basically, if you have a mobile, and you’re in Ireland, you’re covered with great service and incredible prices.

Is Virgin Mobile available nationwide?

Virgin mobile is available nationwide, not just in our cable areas. Because our network is powered by the Three network, our coverage is the same as theirs.

What can I do with 80GB of data?

Our Unlimited Plan gives customers up to 80GB of data. To put how much data that is in context, you would have to …

  1. Send 52,000 E-Mails
  2. Browse 16,000 webpages
  3. Spend 520 hours on Facebook
  4. Watch 24 Netflix movies or 26 hours of YouTube videos
  5. And stream Spotify for 18 days

What can I do with 5GB of data?

5GB of Mobile Data is pretty special too. It equates to ONE of the following:

• Sending 50,000 E-Mails
• Browsing 3,000 webpages
• Spending 250 hours on Facebook
• Watch 5 Netflix SD movie or 5 hours of YouTube videos
• Streaming Spotify for 120 hours