Wholesale Partners

Our network supports business customers of all sizes as well as internet service providers and other network operators. Our partnerships span the broadest spectrum of carriers and telecom operators in Europe and beyond.

We offer wholesale network, data and voice services along with National coverage, bespoke solutions and over 100 network nodes in Ireland. Call today to see how we can help you. 

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The Carrier's Carrier

  1. International partnerships
  2. Wholesale Voice over TDM/IP
  3. National IP and TDM Voice Interconnect
  4. International IP Voice and TDM Interconnect
  5. International IP Backbone
  6. The largest Data carrier in Europe
  7. Established Tier 1 relationships


Virgin Media provides The CCD with a diverse internet connection that consists of a dual connection: The fibres delivering the separate connections never cross each other thus ensuring continued internet service if one of the connections goes down.

Robert Henderson

The CCD’s ICT Operations Manager


Wholesale Data & Voice Solutions

Wholesale Data Solutions

Our Wholesale Data offers high bandwidth carrier grade services over a secure and diverse network.

We are connected to all major Data centres and provide excellent connectivity options in most of the major business parks nationwide. Our offerings provide low latency data transfer with reliable SLA’s that ensure peace of mind.

We can deliver our managed data services over various network options.

  • Carrier Ethernet network - MEF certified Carrier Ethernet increases end-to-end network reach with improved multi-site connectivity and interoperability for multi-vendor network environments.
  • Metro Ethernet network - WAN Solutions using Ethernet technology deliver cost-effective, high-speed connectivity.
  • Licensed radio network - Virgin Media own and manage a large carrier grade trunk radio network that spans across the country. This wireless radio network connects with the Virign Media core fibre network at multiple sites around Ireland.
  • Managed Dedicated Internet access - Supplied over a dedicated fibre pair to your premise, our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a fully managed Internet experience which includes managed CPE router, DNS and IP address facilities.
  • IP transit - IP Transit connects companies to the Internet using their own IP address pools and AS without having to concern themselves with the complexities of Internet routing.

Wholesale Data & Voice Solutions

We provide a complete range of wholesale international carrier services. We are able to cost effectively service the needs of independent operators wishing to establish multiple links between their network and the rest of the world.

With strong partnerships worldwide and our state-of-the-art infrastructure we are able to offer the following services:

  • Routing management – We have an international reach through our inter-carrier trade relations. This allows us to can offer cost effective, high quality routes.
  • Settlement and billing services – We operate an end-to-end Interconnect Billing solution which allows us to manage your carrier rates, invoice, and settle with total accuracy.
  • Network Design, Operation and Traffic Services – We offer standard and non-standard solutions, we take a flexible approach to ensure each build meets our partners requirements.

Why you should use Virgin Media Business

With over 15 years experience in the telecommunication industry, Virgin Media Ireland Business in one of the largest B2B communications providers in Ireland.

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Virgin Media provicdes the CCD with a diverse internet connection that consists of a dual...

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