Bitbuzz - Our Wi-Fi Experts

Bitbuzz Wi-Fi offers a fast, secure Wi-Fi experience that is easy to log on to with no vouchers which works with multiple devices.

At a Glance

  • No install or replacement costs
  • Fully managed Cisco system
  • Captures vital marketing data
  • Always on support for you and your customers


Founded in 2003 we have seen year on year growth since our launch in areas including hotels, hospitals, schools and cafes and bars. Our easily accessible (no vouchers required) WiFi is one of the main reasons we have become Ireland’s busiest Wi-Fi providers. In 2014 we joined Virgin Media Business, this new partnership will allow us to expand and offer an even better service to our customers.

We understand that user’s demands will always be changing, so we work hard to ensure our service not only meets the needs of today’s Wi-Fi users but can grow with future expectations and requirements.

Selecting Bitbuzz as your Wi-Fi partner will provide you with the comfort of knowing that your customers will have an enjoyable Wi-Fi experience and that you are working with a reliable partner who will always strive to deliver an up to date technical solution.

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How it works

At Bitbuzz, we look at the full picture; surveying your property to understand usage patterns and requirements. We look at coverage, capacity and speed to ensure your Wi-Fi solution works exactly the way you want it to.

Bitbuzz comply with all local internet and data retention laws and we can add some really nice customer engagement features to capture your customers email address and direct them to your website once they have logged on.

Our approch

At Virgin Media Business we strive to offer you a high quality, cost competitive, reliable solution to meet your business needs. In order to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your business we follow some key steps in our sales journey.

Step 1: Introduction

Once we receive your enquiry a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned. This Account Manager will make contact with you, and organise a meeting, to gain a better understanding of your requirements.

Step 2: Solution Design

Once a brief is gathered it is passed to our pre-sales team who will then work with you and your assigned Account Manager to design a solution specifically to meet your business needs.

Step 3: Quotation

Quotations and estimates are provided to you at no cost. This process includes site survey visits to establish specific requirements e.g. route entry, equipment and locations.

Step 4: Project Management

After pricing has been agreed and contracts signed then our service delivery team will work with you to get your new service installed as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring limited disruption to your business.

Step 5: Installation and after sales care

Once we provision your solution and test it to your satisfaction, you will be supplied with a welcome pack. This pack will include technical information about your service, support procedures and contact numbers and escalations procedures.

Thereafter your service will be managed by your dedicated Account Manager in conjunction with our Business Support Team

Case study 

At Virgin Media Business we work with a wide range of Businesses from various sectors and industries around Ireland, supplying them with solutions specifically designed to meet their business needs. Click here to view case studies from our clients and see how you can benefit by choosing Virgin Media Business as your communications provider.

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