Carrier Ethernet

MEF certified Carrier Ethernet increases end-to-end network reach with improved multi-site connectivity and interoperability for multi-vendor network environments

At a Glance

  • OOAM Performance Management 
  • Quality of Service
  • Reduces Costs
  • Quarter of a million locations fibred


Are you looking for services with large European coverage beyond traditional IP-MPLS networks and with attractive conditions?

At Virgin Media Business we have the broadest, MEF CE2.0 certified, transparent and synchronous Carrier Ethernet portfolio in Ireland for your next generation wide area Ethernet applications. Our Carrier Ethernet allows you to connect your sites securely and efficiently as a fully managed service.

Our certification is granted by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and achieved with network equipment and solutions from Ciena Corporation. MEF is the industry defining body dedicated to the definition and worldwide adoption of Carrier Ethernet networks and services. CE2.0 certification describes the next generation of Carrier Ethernet with an extended set of services enabling multiple classes of services, as well as interconnect and manageability attributes across service provider networks. CE2.0 is a highly challenging and significant accreditation to achieve and it creates an important standard of deployment for the industry.

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How it works

Ethernet without limitations

Ethernet has become a mainstream wide area networking (WAN) solution. Where the traditional Ethernet Services uses IP-MPLS networks, we have gone one step further by deploying MPLS-TP to better route over pre-defined paths, creating resilience options that resemble preferred attributes previously only possible within SDH networks. Traditional Ethernet also lacked crucial functionality that prevented many carriers to migrate away from legacy SDH-services. This problem disappears with the flexibility of our MEF CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet services and the availability of variable bandwidth. There are no uncontrolled bandwidth limitations and the customer has flexibility for all of his services. We are strictly following MEF CE2.0 Ethernet standards, creating a flexible, scalable and smooth interconnection with features such as port or, VLAN based services and appropriate class of service (CoS) required by the customer applications with an assured customer experience along with a true end to end service transparency. In certain markets service providers and mobile operators can also benefit from our synchronous clocking provided across our service.

Benefits at a Glance

MEF CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet enables you to deliver well understood services requirements with enhanced capabilities and to migrate legacy services without risks.

  • True Quality of Service: well-defined, leading performance and quality parameters give you the ability to operate at a significant higher service level than on traditional Ethernet networks.
  • Service Management: the first-class OAM-performance management provides you deepest end to end service detail views to efficiently manage your customer SLA over our networks.
  • Simplicity to drive costs down: our MEF Carrier Ethernet network implementation reduces complexity and provides you with more competitive pricing in combination with leading service availability and reliability.
  • Quarter of a million business locations fibered: get connected to the largest alternative fiber-network in Europe, including over 300 Datacenters

Our approch

At Virgin Media Business we strive to offer you a high quality, cost competitive, reliable solution to meet your business needs. In order to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your business we follow some key steps in our sales journey.

Step 1: Introduction

Once we receive your enquiry a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned. This Account Manager will make contact with you, and organise a meeting, to gain a better understanding of your requirements.

Step 2: Solution Design

Once a brief is gathered it is passed to our pre-sales team who will then work with you and your assigned Account Manager to design a solution specifically to meet your business needs.

Step 3: Quotation

Quotations and estimates are provided to you at no cost. This process includes site survey visits to establish specific requirements e.g. route entry, equipment and locations.

Step 4: Project Management

After pricing has been agreed and contracts signed then our service delivery team will work with you to get your new service installed as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring limited disruption to your business.

Step 5: Installation and after sales care

Once we provision your solution and test it to your satisfaction, you will be supplied with a welcome pack. This pack will include technical information about your service, support procedures and contact numbers and escalations procedures.

Thereafter your service will be managed by your dedicated Account Manager in conjunction with our Business Support Team

Case study 

At Virgin Media Business we work with a wide range of Businesses from various sectors and industries around Ireland, supplying them with solutions specifically designed to meet their business needs. Click here to view case studies from our clients and see how you can benefit by choosing Virgin Media Business as your communications provider.

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