Free Wi-Fi

Available at over 300,000 Wi-Free locations

Wi-Free is a completely free Wi Fi service that lets our broadband customers seamlessly connect to fast reliable broadband when they visit the home of another participating Virgin Media Broadband customer. There's no need to even ask people for their Wi-Fi password.

See how Wi-Free works


Register for Wi-Free in a jiffy


Log into My Virgin Media and set a seperate password for Wi-Free



Your Horizon Wi-Free password cannot be the same as your My Virgin Media password



The first time your connect a device to the Wi-Free network you will be prompted to enter this password and your My Virgin Media username



After that your device will automatically connect to Wi-Free and you're good to go

Terms & Conditions

Prefer not to share your modem with other Virgin Media customers? No problem. You can opt out at any time by logging in to My Virgin Media. If you choose to opt out, your modem will not offer a Horizon Wi-Free service nor will you be able to connect to other Horizon Wi-Free networks. You must be a Virgin Media Broadband customer and in the home of another Virgin Media Broadband customer to avail of the Horizon Wi-Free service. All Virgin Media Broadband customers can connect to Horizon Wi-Free. Up to 5 members of a Virgin Media household can connect to horizon Wi-Free at a time. The Horizon Wi-Free service is subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy. These terms and conditions are in addition to general Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at Information correct at 01/14